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Position Nazi

First off, go check out Lund’s new kickstarter that launches today! Click here for the list of the pledge reward items….Damn my barn for having built in tack lockers. The tack lockers that Lund builds look ahhhh-mazing!

Wednesday was my final lesson with Trainer B until January. I said I wanted to work on my position this time and to be as nitpicky as he could. And he delivered:

And then we went the other way. One thing I do that I need to be aware of are the moments directly after landing from a jump. I’ll be fine over the fence, then pitch forward on landing instead of continuing to, well, hold my own body up. And one of the causes of that is that I stiffen my legs as we hurtle back towards earth instead of absorbing the motion. I also don’t bend like I should at the hips (not completely necessary for this height, but I don’t do it at any fence). I have an acetabular fracture in my left hip from an injury that happened loooong ago. So there’s a little piece missing from my left hip socket and that causes me to be much less mobile there. It’s not painful or anything, I just don’t do it. So I’ll likely be exaggerating that over fences for awhile until I can get some semblance of a bend in my hips. OMG SO MUCH TO WORK ON.

And that’s 2 minutes out of an hour. BUT it was needed. While my position has gotten a ton better since I started working with him, most of our lessons have been concentrated on getting P to, ya know, JUMP. So it was nice to work solely on me for a change. And get over my irrational fear of canter poles. I don’t know what it is, but I worry more about the pole in front of the jump than I do the actual jump. By the end, it was getting better, and just one more thing to work on in the meantime.

BO came out with me to video and meet Trainer B- I think I’ve convinced her that he’s actually human and doesn’t mind working with LL weenie ammys (am I not proof enough of that?), so I think she’ll be starting with him in Jan also. Hooray for lesson buddies!

You want me to do what?
Sure about that?
Even P looks like he’s listening, probably going, “Yeah, woman, PLEASE do as he says.”

We have a jumper show tomorrow, wish us luck!


12 thoughts on “Position Nazi”

  1. a) placing poles melt my mind too. why tho? nobody knows
    b) i love a coach who can help with position. i need sooo much work there and it frustrates me lol
    c) omg yay for a potential new lesson buddy! privates are wonderful but there’s a lot to be gleaned from a group setting too!
    d) much luck tomorrow!


  2. GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK GOOD LUCK TOMORROW (Singing offkey is me)! 🙂 and yah for a great last lesson and it will be Spring soon and Trainer B will be back to abuse you (I mean help you) again LOL


  3. So awesome to get to focus on yourself instead of P for a lesson – I love getting to work on my position instead of the horse once in awhile! I also worry more about a pole in front than the jump itself. Totally rational yeah? lol


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