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Just A Couple of Badasses Over Here

The other day I set up a combination with the goal of putting at least one of the fences at 2’6.” While I don’t really blink an eye at what others set for me, setting it myself is a whole different ball game for some reason.


We warmed up, and I raised the fences until I thought they were both 2’6″ THEN I raised the red one to make what I thought would be 2’9″. And then couldn’t look directly at it because um, huge much? So I scrambled back on my horse and sent him through a couple times. And it was…easy.


I mean. As long as I didn’t look directly at it.

After putting P out to pasture for the night, I was walking back past the arena and another boarder was in there. She rode over and asked if I had jumped the outside line- why yes, yes I did. It rides in a forward 2 or a collected 3, if you’d like to try it, my dear. And she goes, “Wow, those are huge.” So I said, “Nah, they’re just about 2’6. I think the red one might be 2’9”. And she replies, “That red one is at least 3 feet.” Naaaaah, you crazy.


So then out came the tape measure anndddd… The purple is actually 2’6″. but the red?

So a touch over 3′. But basically the same as 2’6″, amirite?


No media because I was alone, so what did I do? Went back out to the barn with Husband in tow and did it again. Because apparently now I’m brave….or something like that.

Warming up. These were ACTUALLY 2’6″.

Somehow I think Pilgrim is ok with 2’6″.


But obviously had trouble with 3’+.


J/K. P is a rockstar.

It’s funny because not so long ago I’d look at some 2’3″ fences and shudder. So setting something to 3’+ and then going, “ok, that’s doable,” is pretty huge for me. Maybe I WON’T be a weenie forever.

It will be nice to see Trainer J more regularly, though, since I’ve lessoned with her only a handful of times since starting with Trainer B in May. But in my defense, jumping was such a disaster that we needed the regular instruction and now that (fingers crossed) many of the kinks seem to have been worked out, it’s time to bring the dressage back into the list of priorities. Don’t tell Trainer J I said that.

To end, I’m sharing this picture again. Because we’re totally badass here. Even if I thought it was 2’6″.


18 thoughts on “Just A Couple of Badasses Over Here”

  1. ha ha you be crazy. No way will I ever think 3 feet and up is NOT massive. Glad you were either very good at measuring or very crappy LOLLOL and then jumped it all. Too funny. Also I agree Novice is not far away. 🙂 And i can’t believe your trainer goes down to FL when it is warm where you are most of the time HAA


    1. Bahaha, you just might! If there’s hope for me, there’s hope for everyone. I made fun of Trainer B today because it was SEVENTY here today. They go down there because all of the jumper shows/events.

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  2. 2’6″ is absolutely the same as 3′ That’s what I tell myself! I’m the same as you…if someone else sets the jumps, cool. I’ll give it a go. If I set them and know without a doubt where they are (which is basically always), then I have to really conquer my mind and irrational fear. 2’6″ = 3′ yep. Totally.


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