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The Uprising of the Horse Husband

Unlike me, Husband is one of those creative types that can draw/sketch just about anything. Awhile ago, he had the idea that he wanted to design t-shirts with a comedic military theme, but then it got lost in the shuffle of life.


Shirts he designed for our Trivia team at the local brewery. We were “Team Badassery.”


Well, he kind of caught the bug again but this time wanted to take it in a different direction since there are now a TON of military-type t-shirt designs out there.


Enter: The Horse Bruh (go like his new page on FB! If you want, of course.)!

This is literally something he decided he wanted to pursue further just YESTERDAY, so no merchandise, gear, or even a finished logo yet. The profile picture is just a very basic sketch of what he’s thinking, and he’s going to sit down to doodle more soon, and then probably hold an open vote to decide on the final one.

But the page is also for entertainment purposes. We had a lot of fun doing the Kastel contest submission video, so we decided to make another one- this time depicting the family all excited for Sunday football when I decide I want to go to the barn. Which, prior to P becoming sane, was a very real scenario because the HJ barn would be dead on Sundays, so that’s when I would drag the family out so I wouldn’t have to ride alone.

If you need MORE proof for how awesome my horse is…here is the behind-the-scenes/blooper reel (including when P got beaned….oooops). I wasn’t sure how P would react to having a ball thrown at him, but as always, I shouldn’t have worried.

So we’ll see what happens, if anything, with this. But the videos are fun to do regardless, and we’re in the midst of planning a few more…



17 thoughts on “The Uprising of the Horse Husband”

    1. Omggg, I said β€œcheese” soooo many times yesterday πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ P could moonlight as a lot of things! He’s turned into such a go-with-the-flow kinda guy


  1. I’m so impressed with your ability to catch a football one handed on a moving horse! Admittedly, P getting beaned by the ball was my favorite part though lololol what a freaking saint.


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