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Testing 1, 2, 3…

Yesterday we went to Trainer B’s for him to give P a little tune up ride (which I’ve made him promise to do before every HT), and the arena was set up pretty much the same as when we were there Friday, besides the flamingo/Liverpool jump now being a vertical instead of a cross-rail. After a much more in-depth warmup than I usually do, he pointed P at the same pallet jump he refused on Friday and P sailed over.


So far, so good.




giphy.gifIn fact, I was super excited because P went over everything the first try, even the new-to-him flamingo jump (which looked terrifying to me).giphy.gifThen Trainer B says, “He’s a lot better than the last time I rode him.567f0886c3d9cc98598ed421388f968cd13897f49132c7c4499063dd0e955f87

And if there were any doubts before, it’s clear now that P can understand the English language.



That was an even rougher “NOPE” than he usually gives me and I was extra glad I wasn’t on his back. P has jumped that coop before (and didn’t have any refusals), but without the wavy plank on top, and so it did look a little intimidating. But still, stopping is just a no-go, and luckily, Trainer B is much better equipped to deal with that nonsense than I am.




Dramatic much?

The cool thing about Trainer B is that he doesn’t get rattled (either that or he hides it really well) and after P went over, he came around again like nothing had ever happened. He wasn’t all angry and whipping him (like some other trainers might), he just rode him positively towards it and that’s what P needed.


And then they put the line back together again.


I’ll be surprised if P ever stops again. If he’s smart, he won’t.

Then Trainer B did a few more things, and says, “Your turn.”


But I did. And instead of giving me a course, Trainer B just called out jumps. Probably so I wouldn’t get all freaked out about jumping the coop myself.


So he called it, said to get straight and gallop, and I did(ish), and though I’m pretty sure I closed my eyes, we survived.

And it was fun. Well, it was fun when it was over.


Hitting the road in T minus 8 hours!


12 thoughts on “Testing 1, 2, 3…”

  1. you gotta love professionals, right? But werent you a teensy bit glad he did try that with Trainer B? Cause if he had been perfect you would have been like wtf.
    I know when Emily gets on Remus he looks amazing but i also have seen him pull shit that makes me say YES not just me.



    1. Actually yes, shhhhh 😂 It doesn’t help me at all if he’s great for B, then sucks for me. Great news is that he schooled SJ (maiden and BN) and XC today and ZERO STOPS! Everytime I️ got back on I️ was like, “this is when he’ll stop,” and he would go! Whaaaattt??

      Liked by 1 person

  2. omg…. did Pilgrim just do…. the SAMBA??? in that gif???? LOLOLOL his hind end is freakin hilarious as B is like “you are jumping this, horse.” talent. P’s got it! now if only he would consistently put it to good use instead of like…. dance moves haha. anyway awesome ride and good luck this weekend!! channel your inner brazilian dancer, apparently!


    1. 😂😂😂😂 he so did! I️ mean…come ON. Good news is he schooled both stadium (maiden and BN) and XC today and no stops!! 🤞🤞🤞🤞 this lasts the weekend- and beyond obviously 😂


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