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We Need All the Help We Can Get

Last Friday we trekked up to Trainer B’s for our weekly “Leg on” lesson.

Someday I’ll get it right.

Trainer B says, “Suuuure.”

So we warmed up, then I pointed him towards the one jump he’s never refused before: the brush pallet, except this time it didn’t have brush sticking up in it.


So apparently the LACK of decoration is less spooky than brush? Cool.



Then went over the rainbow. I mean, tried to.


When is he going to learn stopping doesn’t mean he’s done?


And then Trainer B cursed me by saying, “One more time.”



Again, Trainer B

And well, gross.


Then we both got our acts together and did it a few more times.


Trainer B apparently gave up hope on us successfully schooling single fences and just sent us around the course.


Super surprised he actually went over the final 2 jumps, but ok, thanks

And then finally ended on this:

It was going so well, that I’m pretty sure I actually started praying, “Don’t screw up the last fence, don’t screw up the last fence.” as we landed off the Swedish oxer.

But we didn’t, and got to be done!

I can see from the videos that I’m even more hunchback than usual, and I think I’m going to test out bringing my stirrups up a hole or two. But the good news is that I’m getting consistently more and more comfortable sending P forward.

Yesterday we went for a field trip to see Trainer J and it was the most effective dressage lesson I’ve ever had, thanks to ditching my dressage saddle and riding in my beloved Volty.  Husband didn’t come, but Trainer J took a short video of us warming up….and it only got fancier from there. We worked a lot on canter to trot transitions and trot to walk, and while the walk leaves something to be desired, that’s my fault for not making it a priority.

We head to CHP tomorrow!

12 thoughts on “We Need All the Help We Can Get”

  1. Oh no! That sucks about the refusals. But the important thing is you got it going again and ended on a really great note! Good luck this weekend! I bet he’ll take a look at the course and go YAY and plow right on ahead! Also, very fancy dressage.


  2. Silly P thinking he’s done if he stops 🙂 But looking good when he goes! I still have plans of stealing him when I have a free spot in my pasture 😉


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