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Wait, It’s NEXT WEEK?

When you ask your BO if the farrier can switch the appointment from the week after the HT to before the HT…


I don’t do so good when a new month begins.

But we’re officially entered!


I entered P in the 2’3″ division again, for a few reasons.

  1. The first, last, and only time we’ve been to CHP for this HT series we participated in the schooling day and it was total chaos, which was exactly negative 30 degrees of fun. I said I’d never do it again. But the 2 lower divisions have their own SJ arena AND their own XC course, so we can participate in the schooling day without being run over by all the BN-Prelim riders. This is a very popular show, and there are already over 130 entries a week before the closing date, with a lot of non-compete horses coming specifically for the schooling day. So I’m ostracizing us.
  2. I want both P & I to come out of the jumping phases going, “Wait, that was it?” like we did at Windridge.
  3. I need to make sure Windridge wasn’t a fluke.

Since this is the final HT of the series for the year, it’s also the championship. Needless to say, since I finished the June HT on my back in the middle of the SJ arena, we’re just participating in the regular HT division.

I can’t believe we’re not qualified…

But I was still in October mode, where anything November related seemed so far away. And while I quite enjoy camping in my trailer in the summer with my AC, it will be my first time cold-weather camping.

I mean, yeah, I’m in NC and it’s currently 77 degrees but still…it COULD get cold.


So. I have to do some shopping.


I thought they were opening up the stabling Thursday night, since for the other HTs they opened stabling Friday night and then schooling is on Saturday. But when I entered, they only had selections for Friday/Saturday night, so I guess we’ll be rising and shining early to get there before the insanity begins.


P giving pasturemate S a lead into the new pond to show him water isn’t so scary after all.


Riding-wise things have been a little sucky. P got off Monday, then Tuesday decided hacking out was super spooky, which was a little weird. Wednesday was more of the same thing, so I decided to test a theory. P and BO’s horse Sandero are turned out 24/7 now, only coming inside to eat (which I LOVE), but all the other horses just got switched from night turnout to day turnout. This means dinner-time has gotten pushed back so the horses have more turnout time. Good for the horses, bad for P’s internal alarm clock. So yesterday when P started being a prick about not being allowed to bolt, I brought him in, gave him half his dinner, and bridled him back up. He was much better, even popping back and forth over a 2’6″+ vertical a few times with no drama. So, verdict? Homeboy was HANGRY.

hangry-noun-a-state-of-anger-caused-by-a-lack-5588937I just wanted to test the theory, but BO is awesome and said she’ll bring him in to eat while she rides S, so that way when I get there after work, he should be good to go. Hopefully that’s the ticket and we can get back to our boring (so fun for me) rides.


Trying on a new blanket
Stop following me, P, I need a picture
Stalker alert. Super confused when I left the pasture without taking him out.

17 thoughts on “Wait, It’s NEXT WEEK?”

  1. My mom’s mare will flick her tongue out of her mouth and get slobber all over it while waiting for dinner. She looks rabid lol But totally understand the hangry. Even horses get it lol Good luck with the lesson, and can’t wait to hear about HT!


  2. oh don’t talk to me about Nov weather!!! 3 years ago yesterday Milton and I got married and it snowed!!!! and yesterday the weather was lovely and warm….

    but hopefully you”ll have nice weather for your HT! kick some booty!!!!


  3. eeeee exciting about the upcoming show! and i totally understand entering the 2’3 division- — esp if you can walk away the same as last time feeling like m-f-ing champions!!! good luck!! 😉


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