More Lund Plus a Cool New App

After my review of the Lund stuff from last week, the owner of the company, Rob Lund, got in touch with me about their new “Eventer” line. And OMG. I’m already super excited for their dressage line, but NOW I have to think of a reason I’d need two jump bridles for.

This is for you fancy stitch haters out there:



Ok, quick, help me solidify what I’m going to tell Husband:

  1. Alien abductors will descend on earth, but will only take beings that are riding horses with fancy stitch bridles.
  2. I hardly EVER spend money on horse stuff so this is basically like a one-off thing.


Yeah, yeah. I know. The alien thing is more realistic.


Anyway. On November 15th, Lund will be hosting a kickstarter to back a new product, which is how I ordered my bridle. Basically, you “pledge” money to raise funds for the new item (which is going to be Performance & Professional Series of the Hybrid Tack Trunk/Locker), and then receive a product in exchange, depending on the amount of your pledge. Here’s the kickstarter that I got my bridle through.

Not counting sizes, they will have about 24 different tack items as pledge rewards, plus the first 2 finished versions of the tack trunks themselves.


Included as kickstarter gifts will be the eventing series bridles (snaffle, flash & figure 8), and for those of you who like the 3 point breastplate but aren’t so sure about the navy elastic, Lund is also including their new all-leather 3 point breastplate. A bonus of buying from the kickstarter is that prices tend to be a little lower, plus shipping is included! For example, the kickstarter snaffle bridle price will be $152CDN (vs $190 on the website), or approximately $117 USD. So if you can wait a bit, check it out when it launches November 15th!

Onto another topic- I may be late to the party,  but there’s a fairly new app called TackHunter that I highly suggest you check out for both buying and selling. I’m not a huge fan of selling on FB because keeping track of the ads in different groups can be kind of a pain in the rear. I saw a promo for the app on FB last month, downloaded it and posted a bunch of items and VOILA! I’ve sold about $400 worth of stuff in the last few weeks.


I was oh-so-skeptical the first time I got a sold notification, because I wasn’t totally comfortable with shipping off my stuff without having the $$ firmly in my account beforehand, but I’m happy to report that it’s not a scam!


Creating ads is super simple, just make sure you choose the correct category because they have flat shipping rates for different products, so if you put a saddle pad in the saddles category, it automatically tacks on a $30 shipping charge and NO ONE is going to pay that. Ask me how I know…


You get a notification when someone purchases an item or makes an offer, and then they email you a 2-day priority shipping label that you just print out, tape on the box, and drop at the post office. When the buyer accepts the package or 48 hours after delivery, whichever comes first, the money is available to be transferred to your account, minus a small fee, of course. It takes about a day to transfer.

I haven’t bought anything off of it, because I seriously need to de-clutter, but it makes selling super easy so I highly recommend downloading this if you buy or sell at all.



14 thoughts on “More Lund Plus a Cool New App”


    hey you could always flip the lund bridle on fbook/TACKHUNTER what is this witchcraft and get the non fancy stitch ridiculousness


  2. Thanks for telling us about that kickstarter! I love fancy stitching, but have fallen in love with the plain stitching on PS of Sweden, so I’m going to check out that eventer bridle line. And probably the new 3 pt breastplate….and everything else because they’re stuff is lovely and I can’t wait to try it. Crossing my fingers those bridles will darken to chocolate! And Tack Hunter sounds great! I’ve sold about $400 worth of stuff on FB but still have those last few items lying around, so I will check this out – maybe people will buy it more off of there lol. Either way, thanks for the post!


    1. Ya, I veeeery nearly went with PS of Sweden, but I’m glad I didn’t- I’ve heard not so great things (along with some great, though), but because it ships from Sweden, returns would probably be a bit expensive. With Lund, they pay for return shipping if you’re not happy. I’m a sucker for customer service.

      I emailed the owner about darkening the leather and he pointed me to the bridle review done by Karen of Patently Bay. In his opinion, she had the best method for darkening the leather. Here is the link:

      Hope it helps!


      1. Yeah I’ve had fantastic customer service with PS, but return shipping is uber expensive. I sent sooooo many emails back and forth with their customer service reps to get everything just right so I wouldn’t need to return anything. So far I love it. For most other things tho, yeah I totally go with the ones that pay for return shipping 😂
        And thanks for the review page! Just read it and will totally do that once I get my bridle 😁


      2. Let me know how it works out! I’m too chicken to alter the color on anything (after an incident with a certain grey horse’s tail…) so I’ll live vicariously through others!


    1. Good to know! I’ve never tried to darken leather…remember P’s tail? Anything that has the ability to change something’s color shouldn’t be in my hands!


  3. you need to stop. I dont need another bridle i have the eponia and the Ps sweden and that is enough. SO STOP NOW 🙂 Bad influence you! That app looks intriguing. I am so overwhelmed with facebook but have so much crap I could sell.


    1. Bahahaha! Ok, no more Lund posts (until I buy a new one muahaha). I tried FB but I couldn’t keep up with all the comments in all the different sale groups so I deleted the ads and all my sale stuff has been sitting in a laundry basket in the corner of my bedroom. So definitely check out the app! Totally worth the small commission fee.


  4. *runs to app store immediately*

    And while I wouldn’t say I’m a fancy stitch “hater” I definitely prefer the cleaner look of no stitching! Those bridles above are gorgeous!


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