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When the Temp Drops…

After 6 months of 80-90+ degree days, it was a cold 50 degrees out and windy when I arrived to ride. In years past, this was usually me:


But not yesterday.

Despite having Monday off after XC schooling on Sunday, P and I did some work in the dressage arena on the exercise I had originally planned on for Saturday before being distracted by a T-Rex suit.


After rocking through this all the different ways, we headed down to the hacking trail for some fitness. I got my 2ptober weekly time- longest yet at 8:31! Then it was P’s turn.

Trot up the long, sloping hill.


Walk down the hill.

Canter/gallop down the galloping lane.


Rinse and repeat x 5.

No, I don’t have my helmet cam on. I bridged my reins and rode one-handed because P has lately decided that he’s actually a sane horse.



P’s not as impressed with me as I am with him. That’s ok. Have another carrot. 


15 thoughts on “When the Temp Drops…”

    1. I think that, plus the ulcer treatment, plus moving to a less chaotic barn has made all the difference. He’s been sooo much more relaxed in general since moving a month ago, that fingers are SO tightly crossed this is how he stays!


  1. Woohoo!!! That’s an impressive time of two pointing… I love that exercise too… we did the same exercise in a clinic a few years ago except instead of poles they were jumps… it was really fun when you got to go straight down the middle!!


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