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Not So Serious

I had Saturday all mapped out- we were going to the dressage arena to work through this nifty little exercise to maybe, just MAYBE obtain some semblance of straightness.


Then I found out new BO has a T-Rex costume. So training went straight out the window.

2.pngI had no idea how this was going to go.

I put it on in the arena in front of him and he was bored. So I climbed on and walked. Uneventful. So we trotted (no, I didn’t see the trot poles, I couldn’t see anything). And then cantered (again, didn’t see the pole). Still not impressed, even with the tail slapping against him. The head flopping around in the canter makes me die laughing every single time I see it.

I just love him.

30 thoughts on “Not So Serious”

  1. lol i would rather be attacked by a TRex than do that exercise LOL. ALSO four women ran the main street mile last week nearby with those suits on. I kid not. I was laughing so hard. PS do not complain about P ever ever again πŸ™‚ HA HA HA


    1. He so was! I only rode for a few minutes because that thing gets sooo hot, and when I got off and started bringing him back to the barn he was like, “That’s it? Seriously?” He’s a good sport.

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  2. The head flop is hilarious. It looks like it is either screaming in fear or roaring in delight at the ride.

    If I had put on that costume in front of Scarlet, he would have run to the other side of the barn. If I had tried to get on him, he would be in the next state over before I even got my foot in the stirrup. XD


    1. Omg, right?! I still crack up every time I watch it. The head flop just makes the whole thing insanely hilarious.

      P’s been a part of the fam for over 3 years now- my husband is forever dressing him up or harassing him in some form, and the kids are…well, kids. So I just don’t think anything we do surprises him anymore.

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      1. I always say I need to try more desensitizing training but I always choose riding with my time. We manage with the normal stuff but we will never get that crazy stuff happening.


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