XC Schooling

Yesterday I had a meeting that was supposed to last pretty much all day, but thankfully ended early so I took advantage of the additional time and loaded P up to go XC schooling. After the disaster that was P + water at the hunter pace on Sunday, I needed to make sure that was just a fluke and he still, in fact, does not hate water.

After a couple trot and canter laps around the field to warmup, I aimed him straight for it.




Then we headed for the bank to make sure that was still in place as well. We haven’t schooled water since June, and banks or real ditches since…well, I can’t exactly remember.



Yeah, I think we’re good there, too.

So then we went to the ditch. And I remembered to look up.




So XC basics:


We went back to the water and practiced jumping out of the water over a little vertical that was already set up. P’s never jumped a jump straight out of the water and he was perfecto.


And then jumped a few other things that Husband couldn’t keep up with, so here’s helmet cam footage. See how we jump mostly to the right? Yeah, I was more concerned with making sure he’d actually jump the jumps and COMPLETELY forgot to, ya know, center us.


And then to end, I decided to hop him over a log at the top of the mound. That’s something P’s also never done. I almost lost my nerve when I saw there was little room on the landing side- started imagining him leaping over the log and having no ground under him because I’m a worst-case-scenario type of person. So I took him up and walked him around both sides of the log….then went back down and picked up the canter.



What a rockstar my horse is.


As always after XC, P was strutting walking back to the trailer. Sometimes I question whether he wants to event, then I ride him on an XC course and once he gets going and his confidence builds, there’s no doubt he’s enjoying himself.

We’ll dressage it up tonight, then lesson with Trainer B Friday, and straight to Windridge after that!


18 thoughts on “XC Schooling”

  1. you my friend are the rock star (as well as P) Amazing job look at you nailing all those questions. YAY!…(I love the Nintendo Epic Fail ha ha ha). Great job! I keep watching P’s expression he is one happy pony out there! 🙂 Did you do all that by yourself with no trainer? I would have been crawled into a fetal ball. LOL AND HOW DO YOU GET YOUR HUBBY TO GO ALONG AND DO MEDIA…teach me your ways oh mighty one…HA


    1. Hah! I love that Nintendo Fail gif also! Ya, I went alone- it was a last second opportunity and Trainer B is over an hour away. Let’s see…how do I get husband to go? Yesterday I believe my exact words were, “I need you to go with me in case I fall off and paralyze myself, and no one is around to read my medical armband. Thanks. Here’s my phone, you know what to do.” 😂😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. HA HA HA see my husband hates to watch me ride (Too nervewracking) so i would have to include extras HA HA HA (Hence why I hand my phone to Emma, or Alli or….LOL cause hubby not there)!


      1. Gem was hilarious. She had no time for his shenanigans and knew the clock was ticking. Never mind he SMOKED her at a gentle, slow canter while her pony hay bellied self panted along trying to catch up at a gallop.

        Liked by 1 person

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