Tuesday evening I had every intention of putting on dressage tack and schooling in the dressage arena. EVERY INTENTION, OK? But…

I didn’t want to. Instead, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that Husband was meeting me at the barn to try out some more carpet covered jumps.


This time I put my spurs on to see if that would maybe encourage a bit more forwardness. I’ve been on a spur hiatus for about 4 months now because P was so explosive…but now he’s just, ya know, NOT.


P warmed up bea-uuuutifully.



So I popped over a few jumps that were already set up to show off to Husband how P doesn’t stop, but he was too busy looking at his phone and didn’t even see. Since I had jumped P the day before I decided to just cover a tiny x-rail with the carpet and see what happened.

This could’ve gone wrong, but it didn’t
Though we need Husband to come and fix it



Besides that ever so slight hesitation, he was a champ. We only did it twice because why even bother doing it more than that?


But we still had to bring it back to the barn.



P got off Wednesday because we have a pretty full weekend, and last night I ACTUALLY did the dressage thing. Complete with the whip and I didn’t die! Oh…and the OneK? Totally a keeper.


So now the real rolltop test will come this afternoon when we go to Trainer B’s. Cross your fingers!

One last thing: I just have to say how cool this community is. When I started this little blog, it was because 1) I love writing, and 2) I needed somewhere to put all my zillions of horse pictures and videos. I’ve never promoted or publicized this blog anywhere, it’s always been more of an online journal of sorts that I didn’t even make public for a few months. But I’m so glad I did- I’ve loved getting to know others across the country and even internationally. On Wednesday, a blogging friend, M of Phoebe the Freebie, sent me her copy of Denny Emerson’s book because I wanted to read it and sweet lil’ Pheebs included some awesome horse treats to help bulk P up! So thanks to this awesome community of horse lovers. It’s a blast.

P LOVED the treats, seriously, M,  you must post the recipe- he wouldn’t stop licking me and I’m now afraid he won’t go back to plain carrots when the bag is gone.

16 thoughts on “MOAR GREEN JUMPS”

  1. i feel the same way about the blogging community. came bc my real life friends were sick of hearing me rant, so i figured better to shout in to the void.

    stayed because there were other people who wanted to shout into the void with me 😀

    also i love how grumpy you get at your husband for not watching 100% of your rides. it really makes me laugh.


  2. aw P looks great! didn’t care about that green carpet at all! and that’s so cool about Megan sending the denny emerson book — it’s a good one. blogger friends really are great, i’m so grateful for this little community


  3. Books should be shared! And I’m glad P loves his cookies! Maybe I will share the recipe so you can meet Pilgrims new demands of being fed enough treats hahaha. And yeah, having this community is so great. I love being able to have an all horse all the time outlet and it’s even better that others are there doing the same thing and we can all lean on/cheer for each other.


  4. omg i knew you had a new blog post and i saved it just for Monday a.m. cause that is how excited i get when i have new blog posts to read!! 🙂 I needed SOMETHING to help my MOnday blues and this was IT! 🙂 P looks FANTASTIC. and you are so lucky your hubby takes photos. Mine would get everything but Remus in it (Sky, squirrel, barn you name it) HA HA HA

    and i have only been blogging for a short time but made so many friends (Real and Virtual) already! LOVE IT! 🙂


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