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Help Me Understand

I don’t do psychics, mediums, horoscopes, or anything like that. Never have. But this horse may just push me to calling up Miss Cleo.


P had Friday-Sunday completely off, and my friend came and magnawaved him Friday afternoon. He loooo-oooves his PEMF and always gets the droopy lip by the end of the 40 minutes.


Saturday and Sunday, I had the kids so did the parent thing.

Then my husband came home because he hurt his back at work and is on medical leave until it’s better. So…bad for our bank account but good for extra horse time!


Yesterday work finally ended and I headed out to assess and hopefully ride. BO said he and his pasture mate were cantering in the pasture, so that was a good sign. He still seemed angry about being groomed, but he’s always been like that. At this point I have no idea if he’s back sore or thin-skinned. I palpated his back and there was no flinching or dropping, he just put his ears back and looked around at me like, “What are you trying to get me to do?”

So I tacked him up and we headed to the jump arena. I had hiked a couple of the jumps up a couple holes and added my own special treat for him: my muck bucket wrapped in green carpet, complete with guiding poles pointing straight to the bucket.


P was a bit spooky, which I was actually glad to see, but warmed up nicely. It didn’t take me 20 seconds to get the canter, but he also didn’t run off with me, which has not been my normal ride after him having 3 days off. I also had to be super light with my half halt to get him to come back- usually I have to apply it, erm, rather strongly. But I figured what the heck, he seems ok, start the jumping, shall we?

I popped over a little vertical a few times (the yellow one in the background of the above picture) and then headed him for my homemade beauty. And he…jumped it.

Maybe it’s a false alarm. But no, he jumped it from the trot and canter multiple times, both directions, even after I raised the pole a couple holes. The other horses in the arena were all spooking at it just walking by it, so we demonstrated that it was indeed a jump repeatedly, as well as added in a couple of the other jumps.


I know it sounds like I’m complaining that my horse didn’t stop at any jumps. I’m not, I’m just utterly confused. This is the horse that, 4 days before, jumped multiple jumps that he’s previously stopped at and one he’s never seen before, but then stopped at the rolltop that he’s jumped DOZENS of times. We don’t see half the stuff that he jumped at Trainer B’s at BN. What we DO see are rolltops.Β So here I am, all excited to recreate our issue at home and…there’s no issue. And I DON’T GET IT.


P: I did good! I did good! Me: What is the meaning of life?

Today is a flat day, but tomorrow I’m going to pull the carpet out again and cover one of the coops with it. BO had it stored because no one jumped it, but she’s bringing it back out for me. I love that place. It’s like being on vacation.

In other news, since Husband is home that frees up this weekend to do horse stuff and I’m in a dilemma.

One of my friends invited me to a clinic with Wolfgang Winters after a participant had to drop out of because her horse went lame. I’ve never heard of him before, but friend says he’s a good instructor. Clinic is 2 hours away at a gorgeous farm in SC with a real XC course. Saturday is SJ stuff and Sunday is XC. With the HT being the following weekend, it might be a good idea to get P out on XC, since we weren’t able to go schooling last weekend.

Orrrr… barn friend is going trail riding.

What would you do?

22 thoughts on “Help Me Understand”

  1. I first read you microwaved P then had to go back and reread LOL Glasses are needed (Got up to get them and now am back) HA. I would do the clinic if you truly think P is okay. Trail rid if he is still not quite right. LOL On the fact him not refusing makes alarm signals go off in your head. Hope Hubby’s back heals quickly (but not so quickly you dont get loads of more P time) πŸ™‚


      1. yeah i figured you would laugh out loud at that! πŸ™‚ I seriously thought how does microwaving help? LOLLOL (OLD and BLIND) Have fun at the hunter pace that sounds like the perfect solution to me!!)


      1. Well….after such a terrible ride last week and then Wyatt being sick all weekend I kinda told hubby I needed the time out. So I was gonna see if you were free but I don’t want to mess up any of your other plans!


      2. I’d rather do that to be honest. It’s AT Windridge, which is where the HT the next weekend will be, it’s cheaper than the clinic and doesn’t require an overnight stay, and it’ll be more fun! I don’t know anything about the clinician, it was more about getting P out than anything else. So I’m totally in! AND I don’t have to bring kids. Hallelujah! Are Dusty and Wyatt going?


      3. ooooh hunter paces sound fun!!! esp with blogger meet ups!

        and lol @ being frustrated by P not stopping. maybe he’s just trying to show you his new normal???? πŸ˜‰


      4. I’ve never been to one before! Every time I’d plan for one, something would happen. I’m cautiously hopeful this is the new normal. Of course I probably JUST jinxed it now!


  2. Hey. He’s not stopping. You’re already on top of all the physical stuff. Take it!! I’m also on the “animal psychics are probably crap” train but still… does make me curious. What would Phoebe and my dog have to say?


  3. Oh man!!!! I wish I could go with you guys to the hunter pace!!!! I’ll be in Asheville for a friend’s new business party thing BUT please let me know if you want to do another one!!!!! I love going to the Green Creek Hounds Halloween one!!!


    1. Not officially. I mean, I check them out while grooming, clean around them, that sort of stuff. But I haven’t noticed any behavior that would go back to eye sight. If anything, he’s less spooky and reactive than he’s been in a long time.


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