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Coat Defense Winner + Moving On, Moving In, (Hopefully)Moving Up

Ladies & Gents, we have winner from the Coat Defense Giveaway!!


Congrats to one of the email entries, Julie, from! I’ll shoot ya an email to get your address, and the stuff should be on the way to you shortly. Hope it works as well for you as it did for me! Thanks to everyone who entered!

Now….we resume our regularly scheduled programming.

Wednesday was the last time I rode in the arena at the old farm. I had 30 minutes to ride, and got on at the tail-end of the last lesson of the night. Well, “she’s going to jump one more line and then be done,” turned into 20 minutes of me standing in the middle of the arena while kid jumped courses repeatedly. Sigh. Exactly why I had to go. I only had a few minutes left, so I toodled around and then Matt consoled poor lil’ P.


P: Why does she do those things to me?


Thursday I packed. While I keep my house clutter-free, my trailer and tack trunk are a whole ‘nother story.


Then Friday I took P out on the trail to avoid any arena conflicts, and then promptly got us lost. I think from now on I should just stick to the same loop that begins and ends across from the trailer parking lot. At one point I wasn’t sure if we were actually close to the end, so I asked P for an, uh, enthusiastic canter and naturally, after spending an hour in the woods without coming across a single soul, quickly come upon a family and their stroller. Poor people had no idea how to act around a horse, and I had to convince them that my horse has indeed been around many a stroller in his day and the only reason he’s snorting is because they’re CROUCHING IN THE WOODS LIKE MURDERERS SO PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THAT IS HOLY STAND UP LIKE NORMAL PEOPLE.


After asking P to climb a super steep hill, yep, that’s a locked gate. Please proceed back down the hill, Jeeves.
P: I don’t believe we should actually go this way
Ok, woman. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. He turned out to be correct.
Trying to convince P this was a real trail. It wasn’t.


Uhhh, let’s hurry to see if this is actually the way back. It wasn’t.


Ok, let’s just take the road back.
At least we know how to get back from the road. Sigh.
Me: I’m going to stay in 2 point until we get back to the trailer.        P: Now I’m going to walk like a slug.

Saturday, XC schooling was cancelled because horses suck and farriers don’t want to come out to nail shoes on before sunrise. Who woulda thought? But we moved and the new facility is still every bit as fabulous as it was when I toured it last week.

New stall! Much bigger than his last one, and with a fan!

P14P22 - CopyP21

Loving the fan

He unloaded and went into his new stall like the seasoned pro that he is. I’m pretty sure he just thinks he’s at a horse show.

So I unpacked the trailer into my new locker.



They thought of everything! Tack lockers are exactly 2 steps away from the grooming stalls.
And cute! Big chalkboard in the tack room with reminders and upcoming appointments


And then looked around and figured as long as he thinks he’s at a show, let’s get a ride in! So. What should we do? Dressage arena? Jump arena? Ooooorrrrr, hacking trail w/ XC jumps?


Bye dressage arena! See you today when Trainer J comes!
Hello lovelies


The only parts he didn’t like, and I knew it would happen, were the 2 large culverts we had to pass over on our walk. He’s always hated those, and we don’t see them as big as these very often. So after about a minute of persuading, he kind of bolted over, then came right back under control. And when we went over the second one, he was much better. So this will be a daily thing until they’re NBD.

We did end up heading into the jump arena so I could test the footing, and while it’s no Trainer B’s footing, it’s still good stuff. We did some W/T/C and hopped over a couple jumps, then headed back so he could eat and go out with a new friend.


Of the 2 hay piles and the huge pasture at their disposal, they wanted to share


And these are allowed on their stalls so P will love his new home even more.


P had off Sunday because I took Husband to the Panthers game with some friends as an early birthday present, but lesson with Trainer J this AM at the new barn!

14 thoughts on “Coat Defense Winner + Moving On, Moving In, (Hopefully)Moving Up”

  1. lol at getting lost in the woods — i did the same thing (tho on a much smaller scale) this weekend. not lost per se bc i knew where we were on the property — but lost in respect to which trails lead to actual gates or whatever. and then we actually straight up ran out of trail entirely… whoops!

    the new place looks so great too, those lockers are HUGE! i’m in love with my new locker but it’s maybe quite a bit narrower than yours, so i have to be a little careful with sliding the saddles in and out against the hanging bridles. also mine is not inside a climate controlled room so idk how some of my various tinctures and tonics will do when the freezing weather sets in. yours looks ideal tho, hope you love it!


    1. I have ZERO sense of direction, and woods look like woods to me! P is much better than I am at figuring out which way to go.

      I LOVE the new place so much, I want to live there!


  2. Omg that tack locker!!!!! It is magnificent.

    And I’m laughing at the thought of a couple hiding in the bushes with their stroller 😆 Omg hide from the scary gray thing!!!! It might attack!!! Look how fearsome it is with all the snorting and prancing!!! Oh wait we’re causing that to happen? 😂


  3. yay on the move. WHOOHOOO love that place (AND YES i have directional sense in a car for some reason put me on a horse and i am like looking for bread crumbs i am so freaking lost LOL).

    AND How much do i love you used the pitch perfect gif HA Priceless Enjoy your new place!! I am enjoying it thru your blog (STILL JEALOUS what a place)


  4. Wow look at that new place!! I love that you have heaps of options to ride and also your time is yours now, instead of the lessons getting in the way. Enjoy ! 🐴😀


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