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Rolltops…the Biggest Waste of Wood Ever

Ok, maybe this is the bitterness talking, but I’m seriously about to embark on a nationwide tour and just burn all the rolltops to the ground.


P has had a rolltop break for the last several weeks, but last Friday it was time to bring it back.

We got to jump in Trainer B’s field, which, while I love, love the arena (and its softer-than-a-cloud footing- I’d know, I’ve fallen in it like 4 times), it’s just nice to get out once in awhile. But the dreaded rolltop was set up out there, so…without further ado.

After an initial refusal (which sadly wasn’t caught on tape), he went over…but only way to the right because flowers are scary?


Then we incorporated it into a small course.

Meanwhile, P looks like he hadn’t JUST jumped the rolltop like FIVE TIMES IN A ROW.


While you can’t really tell in the video, the terrain out there is not nearly as flat as it looks. I really struggled with keeping my balance, and not collapsing and falling forwards or backwards, while simultaneously attempting to ride correctly.


So then the course got changed up a bit. And besides the super long spot to fence 2 where P was all, “Make up your mind.” Me: “No.” P: “Ok, hold on,” it was pretty ok. And by ok, I mean I remembered to half halt after fence 3 instead of collapsing on his neck since it was a downhill landing. And then he jumped the rolltop. I’m holding on to that memory because that wouldn’t last forever.

So then the distance to fence 2 got fixed:

Trainer B: Perfect!

Me: Perfect! **Promptly forgets to half halt, and plows P into jump 3**


Pilgrim’s expression when I bury him to the vertical


So then we go again, everything is great, but GASP! The rolltop looks slightly different.



So we go again. This time, the rails behind the rolltop got dropped so even though it was smaller, again, it looked different. Which to P, different = certain death.


And his reaction was…extreme. And uncalled for. I’m pretty sure I now know how 2007 Britney Spears felt.


Can we, though? Britney never had to ride P


Luckily Trainer B is a quick thinker and ever so gently “encouraged” P over the rolltop.

Then we had to steeplechase it. Which as soon as he said to gallop as fast as I could towards it, my initial reaction (in my head) was “or I could just hurtle myself down a cliff,” which must have been obvious on my face. He asked if I’d rather have him do it, which to be honest, was a resounding YES (again, in my head), but I’m very glad I didn’t. Braveheart I am not. And then, once more with some external assistance in the background, we galloped over it a few times, then called it a day.

Sort of…then we hauled over to Hillcrest so I could walk the XC course for the next day while my husband attempted for 30 minutes to mount P. So my horse doesn’t mind a full grown man hurtling himself at him, but a green piece of wood is the problem?


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20 thoughts on “Rolltops…the Biggest Waste of Wood Ever”

  1. omg dying here…laughing so hard at your hubby and P BUT seriously what is it with rolltops (See my blog and the green rolltop that is similar to yours. SHUDDER) HATE. Hate all of them. LOL And Remus will usually jump them I am the one giving them the scary eye!! That one gif has my laughing again. OMG the look of terror. I feel your pain 🙂 He looks great though! When he goes over the jumps….giggle..SORRY


    1. He is super cute! Then sees a green jump and is all, “Nope.” And it makes no sense. We literally did this course half a dozen times or lore. He KNEW the rolltop was part of it but didn’t cause any issues before or after it. Sigh!


      Liked by 1 person

  2. B sounds like such a great trainer for you guys! And seriously, if my BM doesn’t stop begging me to go paint our newly made rolltop I’m going to burn it. You have child labor, make them do it.


  3. Haha your husband!!!!! Love P 🙂 I think P needs to go foxhunting. He won’t have time to look at any of the jumps bc he’ll be all weeeeeeee!!!!!!!!! So much fun!!!!!!! I’m the best horse ever!!!!!!! As he gallops towards a coop 😁😁😁😁


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