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Back to the Vet

We have a lesson with Trainer B on Friday and another jumper show on Saturday, so with the vet scope being on Wednesday (today), I couldn’t give P the day off yesterday.


Until I showed up and was pulled this creature out:


I mean, gross. Come on. And it was wet mud, no chance of brushing it off. Not that P would tolerate the brushing it would require even if it were dry.

But I still wanted to get on. So:


There was a 95% chance it would’ve been the stupidest thing I’d ever done. I’ve ridden P bareback exactly 1 time in the 3 years I’ve owned him and it was….3 years ago. But I took him out to the mounting block and tested my weight across his back before hopping on. He didn’t even move a muscle.


Since the big arena was underwater and the pastures were all full of ponies, we headed down to the schooling arena and wandered around while a pony kid was taking a lesson. And played in the huge puddle/water complex that forms on one end whenever it rains as hard as it has been.

I had put a lead rope around his neck because eventually I’d like to ride him bridleless (which will 100% be the stupidest thing I’ll ever do) just for fun, and while he was great stopping and turning right with it, he couldn’t figure out left to save his life.

So then I had the great idea to trot. Holy withers, horse, I’m NEVER doing that again. Not unless I strap a memory foam mattress to his back. So we stuck to walking and steering, and called it a day.

This AM he had his vet appointment to rescope. The vet was running half an hour behind, so we had to find a way to amuse ourselves. I practiced our jog up for Rolex (P didn’t put in much effort because he knows it’ll never actually happen), then we watched my husband put the divider back in my trailer:


P supervising Husband


And then my husband started with the contact sports:

I know. Saint Pilgrim should actually be his name.

Then finally the vet tech took mercy on us, because at this point P was trying to munch on sticks, he was so hungry, and let us in the barn.


Did my stick cuz you no feed me


They sedated him, got the tube and the camera in and it was the moment of truth.


No more ulcers!

Like, they’re ALL gone. Even the glandular ones. Even the bleeders. Just all gone. Finito. He’s officially ulcer-free.

He still has 26 more days of 1/2 tube of GG/day, then the vet wants us to use UG or GG around travel times, but for now, he’s good. It’s been a long 4 weeks of LOTS of medications, and I’m sure the only people that are more relieved than I am are the barn staff.

Then I had the vets look at the bump that popped up on his back, and they weren’t too concerned. They did a lameness exam, but nothing was out of the ordinary and one of the vets said the bump looks like it’s more part of his conformation and once he regains his weight and puts on more muscle, it should be hidden again. Since changing from Nutrena to TS Senior, he’s lost a bit of weight, but BO bumped up his amount and added in Fat Cat supplement, which I’ve had success with before.

Then I had them x-ray his knee. He’s had a fluid filled left knee since he was a baby- he raced on it, the OTTB reseller bought him knowing about it, and I had the Ocala vet who did his pre-purchase x-ray it, and she said it was NBD, just fluid but he was sound on it. He’s never been lame on it before, but this year it’s seems to have gained in size and is more noticeable. 4 people have asked me about it this summer: Trainer J, Trainer B, BO, and Working Student. With the exception of Trainer B, all have known P for multiple years, so I figured I should get it checked just in case.


Just ugly, but no restrictions


And that’s in the clear, too. Some small changes that come along with the territory of being an OTTB that now collects in dressage, then runs and jumps, but nothing worth doing anything over since he’s fine on it. They want to re-x-ray in a year to compare, but it looks basically the same as the x-rays from when I first got him, when they put both up side by side.

So all good news on this front. P was incredibly relieved to be back in his stall with water, hay and feed.

Tomorrow we ride!


12 thoughts on “Back to the Vet”

  1. oof that knee is ugly but so it goes. those are the best kinds of bumps – enough to take the price down but not enough to actually limit anything 😛

    congrats on P being ulcer free too. thats a huge accomplishment for a thoroughbred! i’m thinking I need to go that route soon with indy. he doesnt have bad symptoms but i just have a sinking feeling hes got ulcers and is just really stoic.


    1. Ya, both vets (and I) were surprised there was no sign of ulcers anywhere. They expected healing but not 100% only a month out! One thing I did that I would recommend is Ranitidine for a couple of weeks- if there’s an improvement in whatever symptoms he’s having, he probably has them. If I could go back in time, I’d have had P scoped much earlier. They were so severe because I procrastinated 😦


  2. I’m so glad the Xrays gave P the all clear. I have Xrays for Freddy next week and I want the all clear too. It’s expensive but it’s better than playing a guessing game.
    Good gut health and good legs. you must be smiling


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