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Horse Show Woes

I’m writing this in hopes of distracting myself from entering Wind Ridge HT since today is closing day.


I had entered a CT this past Saturday, and then was going to go to a jumper show-which I was more gung-ho for- on Sunday, but then the jumper show was rescheduled for August 13th due to heat.


The CT was about an hour and a half away, and my dressage time was 8:50. So we would’ve had to leave the barn by 6:30 to make it there by 8. I was already a little on the fence because of that, but then the power went out in my neighborhood and we were up ALL NIGHT because it was so hot and heaven forbid the kids don’t have their fans and night lights.


The power finally came on at 5 AM, and there was just no way I was going to a horse show.


So I decided to go XC schooling on Sunday with some friends but, due to the heat, one by one they cancelled and we planned for a trail ride that evening instead.

Cue the thunderstorms.


So there was zero riding this past weekend. And no competitions. And we’ve been hit financially nonstop between heartworm treatment for our new(ish) rescue pup, P’s ulcers, replacing the AC…and on Sunday our garage door arm ripped out of the garage door. So that’ll be another $300.


Baaaaiiiii money


Just the entry fee + one stall + hookups for 2 nights comes out to $310. That doesn’t include the fuel it will take to get there and back, paying a dogsitter for 3 days, etc. All to compete at the starter level.


Instead I can go to the rescheduled jumper show 30 minutes away that Sunday and spend less than a third of that to compete in multiple classes. SJ is definitely the most stressful phase for me, so having that extra practice would be the most beneficial, and most logical thing for me to do.


I’m still torn. For a variety of reasons.

  1. It’s a HT. And those are always fun.
  2. I’d get to camp again.
  3. I went there for XC schooling and it’s a super nice venue.

There’s another HT there in October that I’ll aim for, as well as some schooling HTs before that, but I’m practically having to sit on my hands to keep from entering.

So I haz the sads right now.



11 thoughts on “Horse Show Woes”

  1. Windridge is a super nice venue, but it will be there in the future when it comes at a better time for you. The jumper show sounds more logical, but hey wen does logic ever come into play with horses?? And this heat is killer. I don’t know if it is as hot where you are, but down here in SC it is an oven! Poor horses are covered in sweat just standing in the pasture and I have to change their water out multiple times a day or else it is near boiling temperature. Ick.

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    1. Here in NC it’s terrible as well. BO was telling me that they have to fill up troughs multiple times per day because the water was so hot or it was just evaporating!


  2. Windridge is having a XC schooling the next weekend (19&20th). I’m planning on going (fingers crossed) so will keep you updated if you’re interested in going!!!

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