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When Package Delivery Turns on You

A couple of weeks ago, my downstairs AC unit went out. The repair guys have already been out to fix it twice, but this time gave it the kiss of death.


So I asked how much it would cost to get fixed, while praying “please don’t be over $2k” in my head, and almost fainted when the guy went “$7,500.”G1

Since I had already spent so much on having them come out for the same unit, I was able to negotiate to $6,200, but still. That’s more than I paid for Pilgrim and I personally think my horse is worth more than heating and air.

Since I’m the money person in the family, I wanted to avoid dipping into savings, so I put us all on a tight budget. Including “text-yelling” at my poor husband for going out to eat 2 days in a row. In my defense, how do you spend $55 at a burger place? But I digress.


Then I put my EcoGold half pad on P about a week ago and the right side is all bunched up. It’s 3 years old, so it’s time for a replacement. After some research, I purchased a half pad from LESA to try.  At $215, it’s less than an EcoGold so actually I’m saving money.


But I may have also done some other things.

Kastel had a large sales selection going on, so naturally I had to investigate.


And what started as, “Oh, I can get a shirt for $25” may have turned into 6.


Before you say that’s excessive, I’m being totally proactive and thinking ahead to winter, which is why I needed the 3 Merino ones. And I love my yellow Kastel, but it looks totally gross by now, so I hardly wear it. And I got the original yellow Kastel on sale, plus this new one was on sale- so really, I got 2 yellow Kastels for STILL less than their regular $75 price tag. Pretty much negates any argument.

But then SmartPak sent me a 20% off email, and I got a tip (thanks, K!) that my favorite breeches (SmartPak Pipers with silicone grip) were in the clearance section! I have 2 pairs and am constantly washing them so I can wear one every day, so this is extending their life. Again, common sense.  If I overwash my current pairs, they’ll wear out and I’ll have to buy more…and they might not be in clearance with an additional 20% off available.

So I was just going to get one. But they had 3 colors I liked in my size of 32L. Gotta take it when it’s available.



AND THEN a company called Barn Dog Apparel asked to follow me on IG, and I accepted then reciprocated. And they posted this super cute tank on IG, asking for votes on which one to print.


Since my husband and I go to football games quite often when the Panthers play here in Charlotte, I voted for the football one. When they posted that it was available in their store, I immediately went and ordered one (pending having enough orders to print…which didn’t happen. Sigh), and then as I was checking out, saw this shirt and it’s wildly appropriate.


How could I not?

Then I wanted to shorten P’s mane because it was getting out of control and we have a CT coming up on Saturday, but my clipper blades were all rusted and gross. So I had to order some more. Amazon to the rescue!


Now. Here’s what I didn’t count on:

Husband remembered that I put us on a budget.


So when the clipper blades were delivered by Amazon, and he asked what it was, it got me thinking that I also have, like, 4 other packages on the way.


So I quickly logged into all the accounts to check on shipping.

Aaaannnnd. I’m screwed.

Husband doesn’t go back to work in PA until Wednesday, July 26th. And I’m at work all day while he’s at home, ready and able to receive packages.




And then I emailed the owner of LESA to see when the half pad will arrive and she said by the end of the week.

So ya-ay, he’ll be at home to receive every single one.


That got me thinking- shops, particularly equestrian-themed ones- should have some sort of delayed delivery system. I mean, I couldn’t WAIT to order this stuff because of coupon expirations, sales items being sold, general greediness, etc. But if they could just, ya know, hold onto it for an extra week or so, I wouldn’t be facing multiple upcoming interrogations. Hell, I’d even pay extra for that service. Someone needs to invent this ASAP. It’s too late for me (this time) so I’m just thinking about everyone else at this point.


17 thoughts on “When Package Delivery Turns on You”

  1. Hahahahahahahaha maybe just like, send husband on some errands when you expect the packages to arrive? Then you can sneak home and hide all the evidence so he’s none the wiser? This does seem complicated though…..

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 😂😂😂 I can relate to this on so many levels. I maybe have had things shipped other places before… and individuals can sometimes request it be held at the post office…. maybe I’ll just get a PO box 😂😂😂😅

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Oops!!! But you can argue the sale aspect to him 🙂 it’s easier to eat out less than it is to pass up a sale on NEEDED items 😁 Bc winter is coming and the merino wool in necessary!!!

    Also I’m really curious about the Lesa halfpad. Just looked them up and can’t wait to hear what you think!


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