Getting back in the game

So this happened:


It’s a new show series that’s not even 15 minutes down the road from the barn, so I couldn’t NOT go. We’re just doing 2 dressage tests, BN B and Nov B, but it’ll be good to knock the dust off and get back in the show ring.

So to prep for our comeback, we’re heading to trainer J’s tomorrow. The last time I did BN B was in November and I went off course…so here’s hoping that doesn’t happen again.

Riding has again been spotty due to work and life, and of course it’s supposed to rain Tuesday-Saturday here, so what better lead up to a show?


But whatever. It’s only a few miles away and I’m curious to see how the shows are run there since they’ll be having quite a few throughout the year. I’m not expecting much out of P or any high scores since we’re still dealing with contact issues, but it’s a start back in the right direction.

Let me just say one thing: I guess I never realized how long it takes to undo just a month and a half of bad riding. I figured I’d ride him for a couple of weeks and he’d realize it was me and go back to his old self. Nope.

But while we’re on the subject of getting back on track, we finally have a lesson scheduled with potential new trainer (PNT) next Tuesday. PNT is only 20 minutes further than Trainer J, so not even an hour away, which is a big plus. PNT has a good rep from everyone I’ve talked to, so here’s hoping this works out. The major con is that PNT is very active in the competition world in the upper levels, so that combined with my work schedule may not work on a consistent basis. We’ll just have to see how it all works out.

26 more minutes til I’m breaking free and going to ride.





4 thoughts on “Getting back in the game”

  1. Good luck at the shows! It will be fun to get out. It will also give you a solid example of “here is where he is now” and you can compare that to the end of the summer for how much he improved with you riding him again.

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  2. Oooh yay for fun and LOCAL new show series! I hope you end up loving the venue. I mean obvi I hope P gets back to your remembered normal too, good luck!

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