Help me choose a new jump bridle

When I bought Jester in 2010, I hadn’t ridden in 6 years and had virtually nothing except a pair of paddock boots (shoutout to those Ariats that held up 9 LONG years) and a helmet (which was totally expired when I started re-riding, but I had kept it anyway for decoration). My husband was a lowly Corporal in the Marines (aka, paid less than minimum wage) and I had just started my first real job at a non profit (but at least paid minimum wage). So I had a Wintec saddle and a $20 eBay bridle to start with.


After this I literally hosed off my saddle. Because that’s what you can do with a Wintec.


Eventually I upgraded to this little gem- I realized I desperately wanted to event again, so why not buy a bridle that literally had my preferred discipline in its name?



Harwich Eventer bridle by SmartPak




And that’s what I’ve used since 2011- minus the detachable flash because P doesn’t need it, and with my Thinline reins because webbed reins suck (to me).

Now that it’s 6 years later, the leather around the chin strap is starting to come apart. It still functions and holds just fine, and you can’t even see it,  but I’ve gone 6 years with the same bridle. I want a new one.

So what does everyone recommend for a new jump bridle? Trying to keep it under $350, and I don’t care if it comes with reins as it would take a miracle to make me part with my TL reins.

These are a few I’m considering:

Schleese snaffle bridle

PS of Sweden High Jump Revolution

Lund Saddlery Snaffle Bridle

Main wants are durable leather that don’t require a lot of breaking in, a monocrown, and the ability to completely remove the flash.

Anything that I missed that I should definitely check out?

13 thoughts on “Help me choose a new jump bridle”

  1. I would lean towards the Lund Saddlery Snaffle Bridle, especially if you don’t need the flash. the PS of Sweden is gorgeous (and I totally want one), but you have to purchase the throat latch to make it Dressage legal (in my understanding). That would push it above your price range (plus shipping of course). I have also heard complaints of the leather not being super consistent in their products.

    The Schleese bridle is beautiful, but the regular snaffle only comes with the flash. As a result, you would end up with that little nubbly loop on the noseband if you remove the flash. I have one like that. It doesn’t bother me, but I spent a lot less on my bridle!

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    1. Thanks! I was hoping to hear about the PSOS leather because I love the look, but had never touched one. I have the nub from the flash on my dressage bridle so it doesn’t bother me too much.

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  2. is this bridle pulling double duty for dressage and jumping? or is it just one or the other? the chunky noseband of the schleese looks dressage-y to me, but i ❤ that ps of sweden for the jump look.


    1. Sorry, I’m going to edit the post to say it’s for jumping. Unfortunately I can’t justify buying a new dressage bridle since mine is still practically new. I love the PSOS look too!


  3. So I, like you, don’t tend to buy a lot of new tack… so will live vicariously through you! I like all of them on look, except the PS of Sweden. It’s just me. I’m not into gadgets… They’re gorgeous but… ANYWAY, I like the Schleese and the Lund and I have a feeling you are going to get a LOT of helpful advice 🙂


  4. I love my PS of Sweden bridle but I don’t know if I would buy it again. I think there are cheaper options with the same quality like the Lund 🙂 I bought my PSoS when they took off the VAT tax and with shipping it was still cheaper than anything I could find here. But I still love it!!! (I got the Olympic Revolution bc I didn’t need a flash either) The elastic pieces are kinda crap bc they stretch out in about a year of daily use. I kept mine in bc I feel like it protects the leather from the metal of the bit but they’re definitely not elasticy anymore. So don’t base your purchase of their bridles in the elastic cradle part.

    I vote for the Lund! If you were needing just a dressage bridle in black the Shleese is nice but I hate crank nosebands. I know you don’t have to actually crank it down tight but still like the traditional buckle better. If you don’t need a figure 8 then I wouldn’t get the high jump PSoS bridle either (unless you’re going for the look bc it is gorgeous … I debated this question too! Hahaha) but if the bridle is pulling double duty I don’t think the high jump is legal for dressage so you would sadly get a TE for illegal equipment. Plus the Lund is more versatile! HJ show one weekend? Fine… Dressage show the next? Cool. And always good for Eventing 😁


    1. Thank you! I just love how the PSOS looks, but have never touched one so wasn’t sure about leather quality and durability. I’ve got to back and edit the post- this is for a jump bridle. My dressage bridle is still trucking along just fine (probably because I rarely use it. Don’t tell dressage trainer…ooops).


      1. Lol! I bought a cheap HDR Dressage bridle bc I needed a black bridle in 2 days (yeah last minute shopping!) and I think I’ve used it a total of 5 times since I bought it and 4 of those times were shows 😂

        The leather quality on my PSoS is quite nice and has held up really well for 2 years of daily (ish) use and I don’t have a separate show bridle (except that black Dressage one as mentioned above haha) so I think it would work for what you’re looking for. I felt the high jump at the farm house (my local tack store) and I think i remember it feeling like the same leather as my bridle. I feel like the leather quality might differ from the different bridles and their older versions? I think I read somewhere that the older leather wasn’t as good as it is now. And plus they went up in price so it better be nicer leather!!!!!!!

        Don’t know of that helps or not!!!


  5. Check out the Eponia bridles. I want one so badly and several bloggers got to touch (and ended up buying) them at Rolex.


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