And for the first time in forever…

Don’t ever have kids. You’ll type a title and then go, “Isn’t that part of a Disney soundtrack?”

And yes, it turns out it will be.


To the point: 6 weeks with no riding is DEFINITELY forever, so don’t even say I’m exaggerating.

Of course we had super thunderstorms on Monday, starting about an hour before I left work, so I couldn’t ride then. Yesterday even though the arena was a sloppy mess, I had to just get on and see what I was dealing with.

I kept it super light and simple since P’s feet are, ya know, 11 weeks in. The farrier came this AM, thankfully. BO couldn’t believe they still look as decent as they do for having missed what? 2 routine farrier visits? SMH.

Deep breath in. And exhale. Think happy thoughts.

So I got on and just did some w/t/c and my light, balanced horse is no more. Now I’m basing all this off of a 15 minute ride, so I may be exaggerating HERE, but he didn’t feel the same as when I left him. And since he’s pretty much the only horse I’ve ridden for the last 3 years, I think I know him fairly well. He was so HEAVY on the right rein, and I could just forget the walk to canter transitions that I worked SO FLIPPING HARD on for so long. Keeping the canter was equally as hard, he wanted to break every couple of strides. Asking him for counterbend and square turns was much the same-I may as well have been asking him to do a sumersault. It just wasn’t happening.


He’s still cute


I’m hoping some of it was me, seeing as I haven’t ridden in so long, or the fact that his feet are so overgrown. Of course he was as spooky as ever, bless his little spooky heart, but I’m still glad to have him back. I’m putting together a calendar of local shows to go to starting in May, and depending on where we are in life, may aim for some recognized HTs this fall. And I need to schedule a dressage lesson ASAP.

Of course I still have to find a jump trainer. I talked to BO for a long time yesterday and she said she could help me with stadium, though she has no clue about anything regarding XC. I may take her up on it, though I’ve always been hesitant to lesson with the resident trainer where I board, because if it doesn’t work out then it makes everything else awkward. And they do take excellent care of him there. But I’m so picky when it comes to instructors (which is my fault, I know). And, don’t laugh here, but I enjoy having a reason to get off the property. If I had to fault the barn at all, it’s that there are really no places to ride other than in the arenas, so lessoning with 2 different trainers at different barns got us both a change of scenery on a frequent basis.

I’m just dying to get out on an XC course. This weekend my sister is flying in for the Spartan race, so there will be little, if any riding, going on, so I’m hoping next weekend to get out to KFP and jump the jumps!

And of course, seeing as I have approximately 2.5 hours left in the office…it’s storming again.


2 thoughts on “And for the first time in forever…”

  1. Glad it was a good enough ride to get you excited about planning out what all comes next!! I’m sure you’ll be able to get him back to how he was in no time flat 😉


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