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Guess who’s back? (Back again)



I couldn’t resist.

But for real…


I’m happy to have him back. But a bit nervous also. What if his time there screwed him up? I mean, if he was “so strong” for all those that came out to look at him, is this how he is now? I don’t particularly WANT strong. So we’ll see.

I definitely made the right choice in going to get him, though. When I dropped him off on February 19th, I let her know that he’d be due to have his feet done by the end of February, and if her farrier had any questions then to give my farrier a call. When I got him yesterday, she said to have the farrier out as soon as possible to have his feet done, and I asked how much I needed to reimburse her, to which I was told, “He hasn’t had them done since he’s been here. That’s why I said he needed them done now.”


He needed to be done the week of February 19th. So now he’s almost 6 weeks overdue, AND he’s been jumping? Come on. Do you know how long it took for my farrier to get his typical TB feet halfway decent?

So I’m at a complete crossroads. This whole selling debacle has really put a bad taste in my mouth. I loved training with her, she’s really a fabulous instructor, see this post for how terrible my riding was when I first got back into riding. But I don’t feel like I got what I paid for at all in regards to the last 6 weeks of having him there. He wasn’t advertised, I wasn’t communicated with, and potential buyers weren’t properly vetted. And now I’m finding that some pretty basic needs, such as shoeing, weren’t even met. Surely in the last 6 weeks, at least ONE of the many horses on the property received farrier work. I informed her that he was coming due. What’s so hard about this?

So I don’t know if I can continue to work with her. But I don’t who else TO work with. I have my wonderful dressage coach, but she’s limited in her jumping knowledge, even more so with XC, and doesn’t even have jumps at her property. There’s one local trainer that some friends are friends with that’s a really good hunter trainer. She came and schooled XC with us and had a blast, and I took a tune up lesson with her before a show, and really liked her…so I’m considering that. But as far as true eventing, it’s very limited in my area, which is why I was willing to drive to Aiken for training.

I’m going to email dressage coach to see if  I can tag along to some dressage shows if they have any coming up, then there’s a local CT/Jumper show on May 6th that we’ll probably go to. Guess we’ll start there and play it by ear.

Meanwhile, I haven’t ridden a horse in 6 weeks so today is the day!

12 thoughts on “Guess who’s back? (Back again)”

  1. I would be absolutely pissed. Not having his feet done for 6 weeks could be extremely bad for him! Especially since he was being ridden, jumped and shown. He could have caused a stress injury from the angle of his hoof being incorrect. I am completely with you on not going back to this trainer, even with the lack of trainers in the area. She has obviously shown you that she cannot be depended on to keep her word or do what she is being paid to do.


    1. Exactly! I mean, ever since I’ve had him, so just about 3 years, he’s had them done every 4-6 weeks, never any longer than 6 weeks. It’s now been about 11 weeks. So either he wasn’t ridden as much as I was told he was, and as much as I paid for, or she was completely irresponsible. But at least he’s back now, and I’ll know he’ll be treated properly again.

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      1. Sometimes the only way to make sure it’s done right is to do it yourself. I’m glad he seems okay now that he is back with you. Good luck to you whether you decide to continue trying to sell him or if you decide to keep him.

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  2. um, seriously? I’d be pretty annoyed. The shoe thing is inexcusable.

    I’ll steals him 😛 He’s cute. What general area are you in again?


    1. Right…my thoughts are either he wasn’t ridden as much as I was told he was (and paid for..), or his basic needs were just ignored. Either way, P and I both lost. But he’s home now!


  3. Oh no!!!! That sounds terrible!!!! So he had his shoes on for 10-12 weeks??? That’s a bit insane! I went 8 weeks with 1 of my horses by accident but he’s in light work and didn’t grow a lot of hoof bc it was winter, but 10-12 weeks??? And jumping a lot??? Yeah no…

    As far as eventing trainers go… we have a couple in this area… might be worth taking a lesson from the different ones to see who you like? I LOOOOVE my trainer but she’s semi retired so I don’t know if her schedule and yours would work easily? But if it does I think she’d be a great option for you and P 🙂 but it just depends on what you’re looking for… I’ll try and send you some info (remind me if I forget which is very likely!!!) And maybe one will work for you!!!!


    1. Right?!?!?! I honestly don’t even know how he has shoes on still. Ever since I’ve had him, he’s been on a 4-6 week schedule. So either he wasn’t ridden as much I was told he was or totally irresponsible decisions were made. Either way, it sucks. Please send info! My email is or you have me on FB 🙂 Thank you!!


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