Horse selling is almost as bad as horse buying. And saddle shopping. And I feel like I’ve made clear how much I despise saddle shopping.

I think I’m pulling P off the market. Since my husband is home I now have the time to ride again, at least for the time being. And the last couple weeks I’ve been missing P something fierce. But even if it doesn’t work out with us, I’m still bringing him home for now. I need to ride before I go crazy (last ride was February 18th!!!). And if I decide to still sell him, I’m going to do it closer to home. Having him in Aiken isn’t working for me, as I don’t feel like I’m getting the services that I’m paying for. Besides what I’ve done on my end, there’s been no advertising, spotty communication and some pictures that show P looking absolutely miserable.

I’m being told that he’s been too strong for the people that have come out to look at him, but that a lot of people have tried him. He’s too strong for all of them? If that’s true, then there’s something that’s just not working for him.

On March 19th, when I asked how the selling was going and said that I was thinking about bringing him back here, she said a girl who was a good match for him was coming to try him again that week. So I figured I would give it one more week and if it didn’t work out, then I’d go grab him since Matt was home by then. Thursday the 23rd, I was asked if she could bring P up to a horse show in Camden for the girl to try with her trainer, since she was bringing a different horse of hers already. Of course I said yes, thinking that this would be the yes or no. Apparently he was great, so then she asked if she could let the girl ride her in her unrecognized HT on Wednesday (March 29) to seal the deal. Um, ok. Keep in mind, it’s costing me $40/day to keep him there, but I figured this girl must really be serious and I was told that she rides him well. Sooooo, alright, but that’s it. I need an answer on Wednesday.

Yesterday I got the call after the HT are done. P did great, girl loves him. She’s a college student and daddy (a pilot) is buying her a horse. He offers $6,000.

  • wtf

On P’s ad, it’s listed TWICE that he’s $20,000, though “MAY be negotiable to right home.” If you have a budget of $6,000, why are you inquiring about horses that are over 3x that price?



So I said that was absolutely not going to happen, and was told she’d let the “buyers” know my response and call me back. I haven’t heard anything yet, but it’s a safe bet I’ll be making a trip to Aiken on Sunday.

Now this was no one’s fault except this girl’s. I was ready to go get him last weekend, but was told this girl was coming back out to see him, and because we were under the impression that she was a serious buyer, I left him there for her to come out and try him again. Then I left him there another 5 days so she could ride him for a 3rd time in the HT. Since I can’t go get him until this Sunday, altogether I wasted another $600 in training board. My trainer wasted her time bringing him to Camden and then gave her a free entry in her HT. And her budget is $6,000?

I’ve been casually browsing horses since dropping P off to be sold and my budget was $25,000. Now, there’s a super nice one I saw advertised that would be PERFECT except for the fact that he’s $40,000. So did I contact the owner? No, I KEPT SCROLLING. Common sense, people.

When my trainer told her that there was no way I was going to accept anything close to $6,000, the girl apparently started talking about how her dad always lowballs and that she has a horse she’s sure she can sell for $10,000. WTF? Who cares? If you don’t have the cash, you don’t have it, plain and simple. There are plenty of horses out there in the $6,000 range. Do what I did and buy a nice OTTB and put a few years of training/showing into him/her. But don’t pick out a $20,000 horse and finagle 3 rides, including a free show entry, out of the owner and trainer, then offer 1/3 of his asking price. JUST DON’T DO THAT.

Ok, I’ve vented long enough.

Apparently after the HT, P went back to his field and immediately laid down. A couple girls ran into the barn, hysterical that they were sure he was dead or dying. So the barn manager went out there and tried to get him up, then ended up grabbing a tarp and waving it at him until he stood up. He said P gave them the most withering look, like, “Why you do dis to me?” As soon as they closed the gate and started to walk away, he laid back down. I had to tell them that that was just something he’s always done and not to be alarmed. He’s always loved his naps.

This was the picture I got after they determined he was ok, just tired.


I really do miss the cute lil guy.

I think as long as I don’t put so much pressure on myself, I should be ok. When Matt was gone 5-6 days/week, I was super stressed out already, then beat myself up even more on the days I couldn’t get out to ride him, which were many, so much so that riding became a chore. I probably made his rides worse because I was so rushed. Instead of letting him do his wild thang bit for a few minutes, he had to be perfect or I was done, because I would usually only have exactly 45 minutes from the time I got to the barn after work until the time I needed to leave to go get kids. But P didn’t understand that. So while I think the little break was probably a good thing for us, I’ve missed showing him and going on trail rides/runs. So if I do decide not to sell him, I’m going to try super hard to be ok on the days I can’t get out there. He’ll be just fine with time off, we’re not going to the Olympics or anything.

But…I AM going to Rolex! And I’m so excited for it! It’ll be my first time- I’m getting to KY Thursday night with my mom and sister. Any tips for us? Favorite places to hang out and watch XC? Good places to eat?




14 thoughts on “Seriously?”

  1. aw sleepy P!! also tho i’m not at all envious of your position. buying and selling horses seems so stressful! and it seems strange that things went so far with that potential buyer without her and your agent discussing those make-or-break details? anyway tho good luck finding the perfect home for him at your price!

    idk about the market where you are, but around here we are pretty flush with ottbs. a lot of local professionals with 4* records build their business off of restarting and selling young ottbs, and there are lots around here with recognized records at BN/N under professional riders priced around $10k. when i was shopping, i found even more owned by amateurs (and even a few who went through the RRP!) that were going training priced around $9k. so it’s kinda a tough market for ottb asking prices around here compared to other breeds.

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    1. Yeah, I see all the super nice horses in MD and wish for them to come south! Aiken is a bit different, as there aren’t that many year round trainers. There are exceptions of course. P was priced at the higher end of what horses with his training/experience go for, which is why I put negotiable, but not THAT negotiable!

      Unfortunately I picked kind of a terrible time to sell a horse there though, since the part-time Aiken trainers are all headed/heading back north and pretty much fire sale their remaining sale horses. But now that I don’t HAVE to sell him, it may all work out for the best!



    2. ^ this. Selling horses sucks but horses in my general vicinity and most of TBs I’ve seen in Area 8 and even some of 3 with lower level experience just don’t get that kind of money unless they are super easy and win everything. Hopefully your reunion goes well or if you try to sell him again with a trainer you can find someone closer.

      You were definitely more than patient about her trying him etc. 5k diff in budget is one thing to meet on. This person was taking it to a new level.


      1. Yeah, there are horses selling around what his asking price was that had similar show experience…but as always there are some selling for less. She priced him, I didn’t, as she has all the experience, but we all know how that turned out! Either way, I would just never look at a horse whose asking price (or starting price) was 3x my budget. I’m just over the whole thing, and wishing I had never dropped him off in Aiken to begin with.



  2. Umm, that girl and her father are part of the problem, but really the trainer selling him should have confirmed financial intent before allowing the excessive amount of trialing. I hope you get it sorted out.
    Also, Nilla loves lie down at shows/rides/home/everywhere and I often have to convince people she’s not dying or suffering, she just likes to lie down. Chill.


    1. Yeah, I suppose I can see that. Especially after meeting with her on 3 separate occasions. Though if I was told correctly, the dad is the one buying the horse and she didn’t meet him until he came to the HT for the final test ride. But still. I’m over it and just want to bring him back.

      So funny about Nilla! It’s alright people, it’s just a sleeping horse!



  3. Ugghh. Agree with Olivia – the trainer is partly at fault. I think I mentioned I had a similar experience with my mare – I feel the trainer was not overly motivated in selling and the ‘interested buyers’ riding her were more often ‘existing or potential clients’. I’m glad he’s coming home and I hope you have some great rides 🙂


    1. That’s exactly it! I thought because she knew P from coaching us so often that she’d put effort into helping me sell him. But I haven’t seen a thing done to advertise him besides the ads I put up. And then the lack of communication/responding to my attempts to see what was going on….I’ll be glad to have him home and if I do decide on ultimately selling him, it will definitely be with someone closer where I can keep an eye on things.



  4. oh my fucking god, was she serious? that’s so ridiculous.

    transacting horses and money is a nightmare. I never want to buy another one again. except when I want to buy all of them 😛


  5. We deal with this with buyers occasionally and it’s such bullshit. Generally, most people have some wiggle room either way in their budget and that’s to be expected. And three rides including a HT? Oh man! You have the patience of a saint. He is so darn cute in those videos! Glad you guys are reuniting soon!


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