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No Direction for 2017

I’ve started so many new posts, only to get distracted and forget all about them. And since I’ve been on vacation I’m pretty much allergic to my computer. Don’t want to accidentally do any work or anything.

Pilgrim and I attempted to show at a local jumper show a few weeks ago, only to sit there for 3 hours while 30+ entries jumped the 18″ classes. I had entered him in 2’6″ and 2’9″, which were classes 8-11, and got there right when the show started at noon. By 3 PM, they were on their last few entries in class 2 and we had to leave by 4 for our Crossfit Christmas party, so that was a no-go. I almost, ALMOST just stuck him in the 18″ so I could jump SOMETHING. It was so frustrating. But P was just as happy to stalk Matt for food. He had cheeseburgers, Clif bars and a few M&Ms, so he was quite the happy camper.



Husband so proud that he unpacked the trailer



Husband attempting to mount the beast






P the carnivorous pony



Unsure about the bun



But it’s gone



Husband thought P needed help looking at the camera…P the ham has no problem doing that on his own




Then we were going to try jumpers again the next weekend at a different venue, but P bent a shoe and the farrier couldn’t get out in time, so no more shows for 2016.


P’s new bonnet from If the Bonnet Fits arrived and it’s just as well made and perfect as our other one! Cannot recommend Sierra or her products more.



All da bling for dressage


And I definitely scored in the Christmas gifts department with new Piper breeches (turquoise piping, of course), a (turquioise) pullover, and the Snowman documentary and book.



Then we had a dressage lesson this past Thursday with Trainer J to get us back on track.



Ready to ride those 20m circles




The lesson was much needed. After spending pretty much every weekend in October and November in Aiken with Trainer L, I’ve been feeling kind of lost. P has been great, which is a bit confusing. Most of our rides in the past have been to get Pilgrim simply rideable. So when I get on and his brain is in it from the get-go…I’m stumped. I’m realizing just how much I don’t know about training past a certain level. When I was a working student, I typically rode the young horses, mostly OTTBs that the farm flipped. I helped in the re-starting process and putting the basics on, then the horse was typically sold and we started the next one. I’m good at that and it’s what I know. But now that P’s foundation is strong, I’m finding myself unsure of where to go with him.



The plan is to hit up some dressage shows with Trainer J in January and February. It is a necessary evil exciting thing to do. While P and I always do fairly well in dressage, we have never really had an absolutely brilliant test, and it’s not because of P. Whenever we head down centerline, P turns into a pro. I tend to ride movement to movement without much, if any, prep for transitions, and our scores reflect that. So Trainer J says the solution to that is to keep getting out there.

It doesn’t help that my husband is leaving me in a week. He works with a surveying company doing something with gps data, coordinates, pipelines, blah blah blah. I’m still a bit unsure of what he does. But anyway, the company he’s with is sending him and his little team to the NC/VA border for a 5 month project, and it’s just far away enough that it doesn’t make sense for him to come home every night since his work day starts around 5AM (no thank you). So he’ll be there Monday-Saturday, then home Saturday afternoon-Sunday nights. Ugh. It’s going to suck and I’m still not sure how to handle riding/training/showing. I brought up the idea of a “manny” (male nanny), but it didn’t go over well.


So 2017 may not be our major showing year, and I don’t know if I’ll even be able to get down to Aiken much until Matt is back home for good. But it’s his first job post-Marine Corps and he really likes it so far, so unless something better comes along, this is how it has to be.


In the meantime, I’m just going to take it day by day and enjoy bumbling along with P.







5 thoughts on “No Direction for 2017”

  1. Omg I had a similar experience at a jumper show back in October!!! We waited FOREVER to get through the 2’6″ class and finally it was the 2’9″ one. That one also took forever so I looked at my friend and said it’s after 6 (PM!!!) and they aren’t even close to starting the 3′, lets go home. So we did and it was glorious being done hahahahaha

    Hope everything goes well with Matt being in VA for a good bit! 5 months will fly by and he’ll be back. Effie you know it 🙂 Though do hope you can get out and about with P!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jumper shows are crazy! I couldn’t believe how many people signed up for 18″!!!! And then trotted both the class and the “jump off”! Took everything I had not to yell at them to gallop.


  2. Ugh so lame about the shows…. Tho my last few h/J outings have had the opposite problems, showing up too late and missing my classes. Oops!!

    Anyway good luck getting used to the new schedule. Hopefully it doesn’t prove as tricky to juggle as you think!!

    Liked by 1 person

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