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New Swag

Tis the season, right? Of course, there are 365 days that are primed for buying horse gear, BUT it’s easier to convince my husband of the purchases around the holiday season (I probably shouldn’t receive gifts until the year 2060 at this rate).

My shirt from OTTB Designs arrived and it’s PERFECT. I saw their FB ad for last call to order their eventer shirts before Christmas, and jumped on that real fast.

It’s pretty lightweight, so best for spring and fall. I wore it yesterday for the first time (50 degrees) to ride with a vest over it and was perfectly comfortable. There are a ton of options, and you can pick what you want down the right sleeve- tattoo, barn name, JC name, etc. I got P’s JC/show name “Forever Gallant”, after double checking with them to make sure it would fit. I also got the vertical logo, where it runs down the left sleeve instead of the standard logo that is at the top of the sleeve. FYI, their customer service is awesome.



The length for both the shirt and the sleeves is perfect. I’m 5’10”, 165 lb and got a large. It’s long enough to tuck into breeches, but not so long that it makes the butt look wrinkly. Sleeve length is spot on- I have spider arms and HATE when sleeves come up short.

Here are their color options:



They also have different options for lettering:


I paid $49.95 for it total and received it within 3 weeks. Super happy with the purchase and will totally go back for another one. They’ve closed their online store until January 2017, so bookmark it for shopping later!

P also got a new hat! I ordered a custom bonnet from If the Bonnet Fits exactly a year ago and LOVE it. It seriously goes on P every ride whether it’s a trail ride or a horse trial, to everything in between. I machine wash it on delicate when it gets crusty and gross (maybe 2x/month) and let it air dry, and it still looks the same as the day it arrived. For real. No loose stitching, the embroidery is perfect and it’s held it’s shape. Sierra uses super high quality materials and is mega talented. When I first contacted her about making one, she didn’t have what I envisioned for the turquoise part…so she went out and got a bunch of samples and sent them to me to pick out. Even if she didn’t have the amazing customer service she does, I would still continue to buy from her.

We loves it

She just sent me my finished second one (this one will be mostly for dressage and then our regular backup), and I can’t wait to get it!


P also got a new stall nameplate. The one that my husband had made for me earlier this year is now up on my library wall, along with our ribbons and Jester’s nameplate.


A friend purchased a nameplate from Open Door Press and I contacted the owner (now a friend)  10 minutes within seeing hers. Here’s her Etsy site also- mine was completely custom (she had mostly jumper and dressage designs and I wanted XC). She didn’t have anything existing for an eventer, so I sent her some design pictures and she worked her magic- and added turquoise! I’m in LOVE with it.



She just put out some monogrammed brushes and helmet/bucket/etc monograms….and oh, the temptation is real.


I’m fairly certain that’s all I’ve bought recently. I think I deserve a pat on the back for that one (and maybe a reward from SmartPak!).






10 thoughts on “New Swag”

  1. Ooh, I’m happy to see a review on the fit of the shirts! I’ve had them bookmarked for awhile, but I’m always wary of buying custom without reading some good reviews first.


    1. Me too, which is why it took so long to bite the bullet. It’s not as clingy as the Kastel sunshirts, but the fit is similar. So whatever size you are in those, get that size for the OTTB shirt


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