Getting it back together

June has been decidedly non-horse centered. I haven’t written a blog post in 25 days, haven’t read anyone else’s, and have only ridden my horse about 4.5 times. Ugh.

June is the last month of the fiscal year in non-profit land, so all grants, reports and proposals have a deadline of June 30th. When I haven’t been at the office, I’ve been rushing home to re-open my computer in my home office…I’m fairly certain I’m a teensy bit cross eyed now. I did take a 3 day weekend to fly home to Chicago to run a Spartan race with my sister. Arrived back in Charlotte at 12:15 AM on Monday morning and was in the office at 9. Something I will never do again.

The weekend before the race I bought new trail running shoes specifically for the race. I should’ve bought them way before that to break them in, but that would’ve meant I was thinking clearly. So that Sunday I had to make the decision to either exercise my horse or break in my new shoes. Well…I got creative and did both. We hauled out to a local plantation that has hiking/biking/horse trails and started jogging.


The looks and comments we got were priceless. “Most people take their dog running”, “Look, it’s a big guard dog”, “Did you bring him in case you got tired?” All valid points, but come on, I didn’t have the TIME for both. There was one hairy moment when a snake slithered out right in front of us and I literally grabbed his mane and prepared to hoist myself up on him. But the snake kept trucking to the other side so I resisted. Was it poisonous? Don’t know, don’t care. I’m out.

We did have to jump all the logs we saw because hey, we’re still eventers.

But the shoes felt great, I had a blast, Pilgrim was super calm trotting next to me, we entertained the masses, and we finally got out of the damn arena. A win for all.

Then the next weekend I ran the Spartan race so no P-time.

Then back to work, no riding happening that week. Until the following Sunday, when some friends and I went trail riding. P started off super nervous and jiggy, but determined to be in the lead (a first) and was awesome. Besides spooking at the pile of poop on the trail. Because he’s nuts.

13434867_10209288251905200_54307828357239731_nIt’s been so hot I haven’t really beat myself up about it. I’ve decided to skip all the horse trials I had planned for the summer because they’re mostly in Aiken and if it’s this hot in NC, I don’t want to go further south. I know, I know, not really an excuse, but I don’t feel like paying hundreds of dollars to be miserable for a weekend. If there’s a local dressage or jumper show I can make, I’ll probably head to one of those, but we’ll regroup and probably enter Five Points in September. I’d also like to get a couple of weekends in with Lellie, if possible, to make sure we’re good to go for running BN. I’m going to Michigan for our annual family vacation for a week in July, then up to VA for a 3 day weekend at the end of July for a wedding. Maybe in August I can take training seriously again. Ugh.

So I’m not dead, just the typical adult amateur working like crazy so my horse can lounge around his pasture all day. Who wants to give me their winning lottery ticket?




3 thoughts on “Getting it back together”

  1. Aiken is a terrible place to be in the summer! There’s a reason people winter there not summer! 😜
    Windridge is having a show in August if you wanted to go somewhere other than Aiken 🙂


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