Clinic Prep

This past weekend was pretty non-horsey, as my mom and sister flew into town Friday night for my older son’s First Communion. My mom has never been into horses and while she allowed me to ride, was never a huge cheerleader for it. So imagine my surprise when she asked to go to the barn.


We ran out there and hung out by P in the pasture for awhile, but it was too late to ride (and I was tired) so she asked if we could come back the next day. Why yes, yes we can there, mother.

Pasture 2

The next day we headed out and I set up some jumps, to which my mom said, “I hope she doesn’t die on our watch.” Oh mom’s got jokes.

No riding pictures because she actually WATCHED, but she did snap these candid gems.

Saturday ride 3
Both mom and sis were enthralled by his “hat”

Saturday ride 4

Saturday ride 5

Saturday ride 6
“You’ve got your pictures, get off my back, peasant”


And the picture that best sums us up:

Saturday ride 2
Whatever I’m talking about, P is quietly mocking me for

Despite not being ridden both Thursday and Friday, P behaved beautifully. We kept it short because it was the middle of the day and HOT, but crammed w/t/c and some jumping into a good 30 minute ride.


This weekend is the Tim Bourke clinic and I’m alternating between being euphoric and terror-stricken. We got our ride times and stall assignments and while I’m looking forward to it, despite being one of the first to sign up, I am being stabled about 4 miles away. I’m splitting a hotel with another rider so that means I’ll have to hook and unhook my trailer a couple times each day and won’t be able to just put P in his stall and go back out to audit. Slight pain, but oh well.

I’ve even gone through the pain of trimming P’s mane in preparation for the clinic. Tim B. should really appreciate that because P’s mane is a mess. It’s super thin in some areas, thick in others, and just flops every which way. I can’t pull it because it’ll thin too much, so I alternate between scissors (everyone at the barn gasps) and an old razor blade. It’s still not as short as I like, but it looks a bit less unruly.

P half mane

I also bit the bullet and ordered another Kastel shirt. The clinic is two days long, so I definitely need one for each day. And this one has crystals. I just hope it comes in time- it says between Thursday, May 12-Friday, May 20 (little bit of a difference). But the last one arrived suuuuper fast so here’s hoping.

Come to me, my precious

Especially because the clinic is in SC and will be HOT.


Of course it didn’t stop with the Kastel shirt. Then I went on a buying/ordering spree because my horse’s clinic experience DEPENDS on my spending as much money as I possibly can.

I had a Riding Warehouse credit because I returned a Thinline pad that had been used once (and rejected by P within 10 minutes), but rather than give me my money back, they just gave me store credit. Meanwhile, I returned the Premier Equine Air XC boots that had been purchased in December 2014, used on XC a few times (but gave P rubs) and while they were in good shape, were obviously used. Those went back to SmartPak and I received my $179 back in my bank account today. I’m very much a SmartPak fan.

The good thing about the RW credit was that I could order guilt-free. I mean, there’s nothing I can DO about it being a store credit so I HAVE to use it. Logic, I’s gots it.


I’m finally abandoning my dingy plastic $5 grooming box for this gem. Because turquoise.


I have the Uncle Jimmy’s Lickit holder, but P goes through a Licky Thing within 2 hours. The owner at our local tack shop said the Lickits last much longer so a couple of those went into the cart.

On a whim I ordered Ariat’s version of the sun shirt that can also double as a long sleeve show shirt.


And then junk things because I can’t waste a dime- another body sponge, an extra lead rope (turquoise!) and a thermos.

Originally I had put this muck cart in, but when I went to check out it was trying to charge me $30 for shipping, plus it was backordered. I went over to SmartPak, and they had a muck cart that was the same price (with FREE shipping) but it wasn’t a collapsible one. I have A LOT of stuff in my trailer, so anything space-saving is necessary.

Dover sold the one I wanted so I (made my husband) call the Charlotte store and see if they had any in stock because Dover shipping prices are insane ($26.95 for the cart). Of course they don’t carry it in stock and can’t (won’t?) have it shipped to their store and let me pick it up. Thankfully my local tack shop had one left (shoutout to Jayne’s Village Tack Shop!) so we headed over there and grabbed it. Hello, you. You’ll be making my life much easier.


P also got a Himalayan salt block to satisfy his oral tendencies. He hasn’t had a Licky Thing in a few weeks and routinely lets me know it’s empty by doing this:

P empty lickit

So now he’s happy:

P salt lick

Then just a plain ol’ garden hose because P (thankfully) drinks a lot of water. My husband is taking my truck and trailer into the local trailer dealership to get the tire pressure checked on Friday morning so I can go into work for half a day. I was at a conference for 2 days last week and work has just piled up. I’m planning on pulling out of the barn by 1:30 and getting to SC around 4. Cross your fingers that we don’t pull this in front of Mr. Tim:

Horse on jump

10 thoughts on “Clinic Prep”

  1. Enjoy your clinic! Love the purchases, interested to hear what you think of the Ariat shirt – it’s been on my wish list for a while now.


  2. I’m…. Not…. Entirely sure what is happening in that last photo haha.? Good luck in the clinic tho!!! And hey, looking the part is half the battle right?


  3. Love all of your new items! Your yellow Kassel shirt looks pretty kick ass with the black and turquoise 🙂 glad you had a fun time with your mom and sister- and can’t wait to hear about the clinic this weekend!! Enjoy the Gibb’s!!!


  4. So, on the Riding Warehouse thing… I personally think it was great that they gave you anything for a used item. They’re a pretty small business, not a giant powerhouse like Dover or Smartpak that can eat $100+ losses left and right and not notice it in their bottom line. They have to protect themselves somehow, so store credit seems like a great thing to offer on an item that they really didn’t have to take back in the first place. They almost always have the best prices (and if not, will usually price match) so that’s just kind of the trade-off you make for supporting a small business. A lot of similar shops won’t give you anything if you used the item (and I don’t blame them!). And the shipping for the cart… well yeah, that thing is really heavy and expensive to ship lol. Again, they can’t afford to “give stuff away” like that. Pretty typical to charge freight for heavy and bulky items. I gotta say I would have felt bad returning used boots, though, even if it WAS SmartPak! I think I would have just sold them online and cut my losses. Have fun at the clinic!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. So RW’s website says free shipping on items returned in “like new” condition. The pad was used for 10 minutes and didn’t have a speck of hair or dust on it. If that’s not like new, I don’t know what is. The upside to store credit is that I get to buy new things. I can live with that 🙂 I like RW, order from them frequently, and it’s fine that they charge shipping for heavy items. But SP doesn’t so sometimes I can find a better deal.

    The boots- though they were purchased in December 2014, they weren’t used until the following September, when we finally managed to get on an XC course. These were used 5 times at the most, and were still in pretty like-new condition, but each time they rubbed P’s fetlocks. I contacted SP to see if I could exchange them for smalls, but that size kept being out of stock and the date they’d be back in stock kept getting pushed back. I needed XC boots for an upcoming competition so SP said to return them. It wouldn’t have crossed my mind to just return them, until SP told me it was fine because they don’t carry the M.E. boots I wanted to try. I’m not going to turn down a full refund so I can attempt to sell every piece of equipment my sensitive horse seems unacceptable. I’d be broke.

    Thank you! I hope it goes well.


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