Saddle woes and I suppose we’re showing

Work functions and weather prohibited me from riding much last week. The correct Stackhouse dressage saddle was delivered Tuesday, but my organization’s fundraiser was that night. Wednesday I was determined to jump since the advanced riders have a lesson Wednesday evenings and if I want to jump at all, I typically have to hop in when they’re doing it. I’ll be so glad when the other ring is finished.

Thursday night I had a gala to go to for another local nonprofit, and Friday it rained all day. I don’t mind riding in the rain, but I figured the tack shop wouldn’t approve so I had to wait until Saturday to finally ride in the saddle. And…I’m not sure.

When I first climbed in, it felt a bit too wide, not really uncomfortable, but not majikal either. But I had my husband video me at the trot and when I watched it back, I couldn’t believe my position. I struggle soooo hard with sitting back butit was pretty effortless in this saddle.


DSTrot L2
Even though my ankle refuses to stretch down, I’m not tilted way forward

Of course the real test is the canter. So I cantered each way and looked at the videos and could see the difference. P was pulling a bit on the left lead but it was easy for me to settle back in the saddle and keep him going.

DSCanter R
Is that a rear end IN the saddle? Could it be?
DSCanter L
Still in the saddle…unbelievable

Yesterday I went out with the intention of cantering poles (which is why they’re spaced so far apart), but then ending after trotting due to an insane cold I currently have going. Here’s proof of very little fetal positioning:

DS Trot PoleDS Trot Pole 3DS Trot Pole 4DS Trot Pole 6

ADS Trot Pole 5

And even though we started like this:

DS Trot Start
P being very fresh and up and I’m still sitting back…a miracle in itself

We ended like this:

DS Trot L

So I’m at a crossroads here. I have one more day with Mr. Stackhouse, so am going to really ride tonight for at least an hour since the arena should be in better shape today. Then I’ll make my final decision.

Though we’ve already entered in a schooling HT on April 30th, it looked like that wasn’t going to happen. On Friday I got a call from BO saying that a pony died about 20 miles away from EHV and while she was waiting to get confirmation from the vet, she was going to put our barn under quarantine- no one in or out. So that derailed my plans from having trainer J look at the saddle and it looked like I wasn’t going to be showing this next weekend either. But I got another call from BO this morning saying she finally talked to the vet and he said he hadn’t heard of anything going around or a confirmed diagnosis so everything should be fine. It’s always a risk when you get a bunch of horses together at shows, but ours all got the EHV vaccine, so there’s some protection, at least. So it looks like we’re going- guess I have to memorize the dressage test after all! Or, at the very least, figure out which one we’re supposed to do.

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