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On the Fence about F.E.N.C.E and New Gear

It looks like my original plans to head for the F.E.N.C.E. horse trials on April 16-17 are about to be derailed. I work as the executive director of a non-profit and I’m part of a group of local non-profit E.D.s and there’s a fundraiser that I really should go support. I’m already going to be missing another one on May 15th because of a horse show. Besides, F.E.N.C.E. is going to be pretty freaking expensive to be doing the intro level. Thanks to the lack of hotels in the Tryon area, it would be around $300 (with a military discount) just for the hotel stay- doesn’t include food, fuel, entry fees ($130), stabling ($120), tack stall ($50), etc. And all to jump 2′ and do a walk/trot dressage test? Ehhh. So instead, I’m thinking I’m heading to Raeford to the Heather Ridge Farm schooling HT at the end of April. It’s $75, a one-day show and 2’3″ with water, ditch and a bank. And Intro C- we get another shot to actually halt at X upon entering. Watch me screw it up again.


On a good note, I have a lesson scheduled with dressage trainer J this Sunday and then next Saturday, we start with our new jumping coach, trainer D! Trainer D is the one we took the clinic with last November and I really liked her teaching style. She is a pro eventer herself, and actively competes…and takes students with her! I’m excited to get started. And to correct this issue…


I’m currently waiting not-so-patiently for UPS to arrive with boxes from Riding Warehouse, SmartPak AND Kastel. Since more horse trials are finally in my midst, I need to do something about P’s xc boots. The first time he had rubs on his pastern after going xc schooling, I thought it was because the boots had slipped or I had put them on too low. But after Full Gallop, when I was very careful about boot placement and he got these:


I was going to get them in a smaller size, but SmartPak (which is where my husband got them for me from) is always out of the small fronts, and I’m too impatient to wait until mid-April to see if they come back in stock. I absolutely love my Majyk Equipe open-fronts


So I decided to give the Majyk Equipe XC boots a try!

These babies will be here today!

It was so hard to decide between white and black since the open fronts are white and P looks great in them, but I have to scrub them and I just don’t want to put that much effort into xc boots. So black it is, but I always have my turquoise duct tape to fancy them on up. Fingers crossed that they fit and don’t make P uncomfortable at all.

P also got a turnout sheet since he’ll be turned out pretty much 24/7 and while he loves to roll, he hates to be brushed. And I’m trying a new bit at the suggestion of trainer J. An Herm Sprenger loose ring. My wallet cried a bit when I put that into the cart. But that I bought from SmartPak, so at least if it doesn’t work, I can return it.

And then last, but not least, I finally jumped on the Kastel bandwagon. Maybe. I ordered a yellow sun shirt and if I like it then, more will follow. A lot of people at my barn wear them and love them, but they’re all pretty petite. Thanks to crossfit, my shoulders and arms are fairly muscular, and a lot of “regular” clothes don’t fit. But I really hope this does because I LOVE the colors. NC is so brutally hot in the summer and tank tops just don’t cut it.

Oh, and look what husband did for me over the weekend!

Stall sign

Stall sign and ribbon

Secretly I think he loves P.

Matt and P I

Even though there’s no better picture to describe me than this:


Or this:


And yet, he still puts up with me.


19 thoughts on “On the Fence about F.E.N.C.E and New Gear”

  1. Love the stall sign, and can’t wait to hear about the kastel shirt – I really want one in green but like you am a little nervous of the sizing 🙂


  2. Oh no!!!! I was so looking forward to meeting you in person 😦 oh well- Windridge????

    Sadly the riders/owners/etc that will be showing at TIEC have taken over all of the hotel space available in the area… boo! Where were you going to stay for $300????? That is insane!!!!

    Love P’s new name place! Your husband sounds like a keeper 😉


    1. I know, you too! I had a reservation at the Days Inn there. It was the closest and cheapest but still soooo expensive. I’m still planning on Windridge! Are you stabling overnight or are you close enough to be able to haul in there as well?


      1. Can’t believe the days inn was that expensive! It is the closest and pretty much only hotel in the area. Oh well… Windridge is close enough to haul in instead of stabling, it’s not as close as FENCE but only 45ish minutes away with a trailer (probably could make it in 30 minutes in a car) Can’t wait till Windridge!


      2. Ohhh that’s so nice to be so close! I’m in the process of trying to find a hotel close to Windridge now and am running into the same problem. It’s 1 1/2 hours away from me and the omnibus says dressage will start at 7:30 AM on Saturday and xc will start at 8 AM on Sunday so I will definitely have to stable overnight. Will you just haul in both days?


      3. Yes- I’ll just haul in both days so Chimi can sleep in his pasture. Plus he’s a crappy water drinker whenever we go somewhere (even if I bring water from home) so it makes me feel better knowing he’ll drink plenty of water at night! Last year my dressage for BN wasn’t until 2:00ish so I had plenty of time to get there and not feel stressed. Hopefully it’ll be similar this year? Guess we’ll see!


      4. Ooohh, that is so nice that you get to do that. It sounds like you’re in a great location for eventing. I’m in HJ land and everything cool is at least an hour or more away!


      5. Well it’s sort of eventerish here. We pretty much only have FENCE and Windridge as far as locations go, all the other facilities/shows are at least 2.5 hours away. I think you have easier access to Southern Pines which definitely has more eventing than Tryon (we also have a ton of hunter jumpers in the area!) but at the same time I’d rather live here than SP (prettier views and not as hot!) so I’ll take what we’ve got 🙂 Though I’m glad that you are closer to Kingfisher Park bc that sounds like an amazing facility with a real eventing trainer!


      6. True- I’m so glad KFP is here! It’s such a nice facility and the owners are continuously making upgrades. I love the shows and clinics they put on!


  3. Oooh so much fun new stuff!!! And exciting about the new jump trainer – hope you love her! Also fwiw I’ve had good luck finding used sprenger bits on eBay in the $50-$80 range in case the one you got from smartpak ends up not working out


  4. hahah those two cartoons at the end.

    my financial guy was asking me if i was putting money aside in a savings account. he was like “just make sure you don’t spend it on a new saddle for runkle”

    and i went… HOW DID YOU KNOW???

    also let me know what you think of the kastel. ive been hesitating for the same reason; theres one that’s exactly my xc colors but ive got big shoulders and boobs and ive only seen tiny tinys wearing them.


    1. Haha! When we were going through the process of getting approved for our mortgage, the finance guy kept going, “why is there 3 different $3,000 debits?” Umm, saddle shopping, hello? Ha! Poor guy. The Kastel came in and fits great! I’ve got big shoulders too and the large fits nicely.


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