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Tack Trunk Post

Since my rides are super boring- no one wants to hear about the endless circling I do at the trot and a liiiiittle at the canter until my ankle says, “NO MORE, WEAKLING,” I am stealing Amanda’s post about tack trunk contents. I’m a bit super nervous about Saturday- my dressage time is 11:19 with “stadium” (does it count as stadium if it’s 18″?) between 12-1. It’s also supposed to rain. Pilgrim hates rain. Yay me and my planning ahead.



So here’s my tack trunk.

TT Tack trunk

Before moving to the barn I’m currently at, I’ve never had a tack trunk before. I’ve always wanted one, ever since I was little, but those suckers are expensive. And heavy. And I show alone a lot, so I’ve never needed one. The last barn I was at had huge wooden lockers for each boarder so there wasn’t even a space for one. The current barn has a tiny tack room so I hurriedly scoured local sites for a tack trunk so I wasn’t walking back and forth between my trailer and the barn all day, and came up with this. Husband just got plans to build me one though, so hopefully that goes quickly.

TT Tack trunk openHere is open tack trunk. I still keep a lot of things in my trailer, as you’ll soon see, but this holds my every day riding necessities.

TT Trunk right

Open fronts boots, fly bonnet and carrots. I have to hide the carrots at the bottom because P knows where they are. And whenever I dig around my trunk I get this:

TT Pilgrim1
I see you’ve opened The Carrot Holder
TT Pilgrim2
Carrots are BELOW the boots! BELOW the boots!
TT Pilgrim 3
Move over, blondie. I’ll show you.

The left side looks like this:

TT tack trunk left

Bute, SMZs, eye ointment from P’s recent attempt to become a pirate, duct tape, hoof pads, helmet deodorizer, boot polish and tack soap.

TT Middle

And the middle holds saddle pads, boots, half chaps, helmet/gloves/hairnet, P’s flymask and my heavy duty Andis clippers.

TT Tack room

Inside the tack room. I have the CWD on the right and old HDR dressager is the covered one on the left with the Mattes pad hanging from it.

TT Bridles.JPG

I’m the only eventer in the barn and some of the younger girls can’t get over that I have two sets of, well, everything. Dressage on the left and jump on the right.

TT Stanley

My Stanley, my brush box and my bucket, also kept in the tack room.

TT Stanley top

The top tray in the top compartment of Stanely. Extra Chicago screws since Pilgrim’s nameplate keeps coming off his halter, the screwdriver for said Chicago screws and to randomly tighten said nameplate, my extra fly bonnet, a comb, random tack sponge and braiding bands.

TT Stanley bottom

Vet wrap (in turquoise, of course), P’s C4 necks trap, band-aids, leather puncher, medical arm band, wormer, random braiding supplies.

TT Stanley contents.JPG

The bottom of Stanley holds grooming and bathing stuff. And Magic Cushion. Because P has apparently been taught the saying, “no hoof, no horse.”

TT Trailer dressing.JPG

Now the trailer. I still haven’t sorted it out since the last show so it’s been pretty much untouched since last November. Yay me. Since the tack room and my tack trunk is so small, I keep my extra bridles, leadropes, and halters in here. Also the majority of my medical supplies in the closed green tote, more bathing stuff in the blue bucket and extra grooming stuff in the green tote in the back. My xc vest also resides here, along with bandages and wraps and my tall boots. And of course the cooler and saddle rack.

TT Trailer GN

I LOVE that my trailer is a gooseneck because it satisfies my hoarder ways. I have 2 more Stanley trunks in the back to keep the battery powered fans, extra stirrup leathers, reins, stirrups, sleazys, polos, extra helmet, kids’ helmet, and much, much more. I also have numerous buckets, extra saddle pads, show pads, xc boots that have not been washed since the clinic in November, and lawn chairs. Yikes.

So that’s where I keep all my stuff. Except for the garage and coat closet in my house. But we won’t go there. My husband loves me.


6 thoughts on “Tack Trunk Post”

  1. LOL the bit about the carrots made me laugh out loud. “i see you’ve opened the carrot holder”.

    how the frick do they know. my horse forgets how to canter but he can open a bag of grain in 30 seconds and knows what the treat bag sounds like.


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