7 Rides in 6 Weeks? Showtime!

I had a wonderful ride on Pilgrim this last Sunday at dressage trainer J’s farm. This is our third lesson with her and I love how much she loves P. She’s not a TB person in the slightest- her breed of choice is the Fresian, so hearing her admire him reiterates to me that I made a smart choice buying him. Sometimes he’s just so spooky and unfocused that it’s frustrating. But she told me that I shouldn’t sell him unless it was to her, and since she DOES know what she’s talking about, I think I’ll take that advice. But sometimes…


Anyway, he was a rockstar, as he always is in front of a trainer, and we worked on getting him straight and counteracting that crazy left shoulder he tends to pop when asked to bend at all. Our homework is to do lots of transitions…trot to walk for 3 strides, then trot again, and to also slow the trot down to almost a walk and then send him forward again and really get that hind end working and muscled back up. Poor P was so tired.

So naturally since we’ve been back to riding for a whole week now, it’s time to enter a show. Am I right? Nothing crazy, just a local CT- also the site of our last show and elimination in stadium. Dun dun dun!

The jumps are a whopping 18″. For some reason I don’t understand, they have the 18″ division and then the next smallest is 2’9″. Since P has never jumped 2’9″ in his short little life, I don’t think we’ll be experimenting this weekend. Plus, my ankle barely stays level, so it’s probably best to just stick to the tiny speed bumps.

It’s looking like our first HT will be at FENCE in mid-April. After talking with trainer J, I’m not going to pursue AEC qualifications this year. I don’t want to rush him or I, plus (something I hadn’t thought of) the xc course at Tryon hasn’t even been built yet. She suggested giving it a year to settle and see how it runs. Since it will be in Tryon again either in 2017 or 2018, I’ll have another shot. A little bummed, but it makes sense.

I emailed potential new jump trainer’s barn this past weekend to see if she is accepting new clients and was told that she was competing but my email would be forwarded to her and she’d get in touch with me. I’m hoping that happens sooner rather than later- I’m eager to get started back jumping! Plus xc lessons…sweeeet.

6 thoughts on “7 Rides in 6 Weeks? Showtime!”

  1. I LOVE FENCE!!!!!!!! Granted it is a nostalgic event for me bc I’ve been competing there for various reasons since I was 10ish… buuuuut I still think it’s really fun 🙂 Be ready to hike up FENCE Hill!!! It’ll get your blood pumping! (It’s easier on the horses than the humans! Hahaha) and I will also be competing there that weekend- hope to see you there!!!!

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    1. I’ve never been there so thank you for telling me that! What level are you going to show at? I’m thinking starter since it’ll be our first one back. Although Intro A…boo.


      1. I’m going Beginner Novice. We’ve got some more homework to do before moving up! I think you’ll enjoy the starter at FENCE- I don’t know what the course will look like (it might change or it might not!) There are some tiny jumps and there are some maxed out jumps so I think it’s a good place to have a successful run and figure out if you have any holes that need to be filled before moving up 🙂 Intro A does kinda suck but at least it’s only 2 minutes of the whole weekend! More fun to be had during XC and stadium!!!!


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