Dual Laminitis

Life has been super boring since I broke my ankle and I’m beyond ready to ditch the crutches. I received a job offer from a non-profit organization that I accepted, so I gave a month’s notice to my current job and scheduled my remaining vacation days for the majority of the last 3 weeks. My office is not so handicap friendly, so I’ve been working from home mostly. I have been attending crossfit religiously so that I’m physically prepared to handle P.


My friend only rode him for a couple weeks before not being able to anymore, so turnout is his only form of exercise lately. I’m definitely going to need my strength. Though P does turnout like a boss.












I got the splint off January 14th and x-rays showed that it’s healing nicely. So I’m in a fiberglass cast until February 4th and then, as long as x-rays are still good, will be in a walking boot for 2 weeks or so and then can start physical therapy. I’m signed up for the crossfit Open competition that starts at the end of February and also for a Spartan race in April, so I’m determined to do everything I can to speed recovery along. While the AECs are probably not a realistic goal for this year, I would like to still make sure we’re cruising comfortably at BN by the end of the year.  b

I haven’t been out to the barn much because it’s rained and snowed here and mud + crutches is NOT a good combination. But I got a call from the BO yesterday saying “Don’t panic, but Pilgrim went lame walking in from the pasture and now won’t put weight on his back right foot”. Yeesh. So I went out and there was no heat or swelling anywhere, except some heat plus a definite digital pulse. Packed in some Magic Cushion and gave him some bute since the vet was already coming in the AM for a couple other horses. To add insult to injury, he also pulled his front left shoe off, so he had both feet wrapped. Dork.


Sure enough, he’s got an abscess. The vet removed his back shoe and found where it was so he drained it and rewrapped. Poor guy is super sore so I decided against turnout for today.

We make such a great crippled pair! He’ll still heal faster than I, but at least if he had to go lame at any point, it was now!











6 thoughts on “Dual Laminitis”

  1. omg the title of this post scared the ever loving shit out of me…. (is that weird for internet strangers? sorry…)…. but anyway i’m so glad your healing is going along as expected, and happy to see you’re able to stay so active! that definitely ought to help – especially with keeping the injury well circulated with blood! fingers crossed that both you and ponykins Pilgrim are fully equipped to get back into the program asap!


  2. I’m totally impressed with the system you have in place at cross fit so you can keep working out! Happy healing to both you and P! Hope your injury quota for the year is filled and it’s smooth sailing after this 🙂


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