Still in denial…

Ugh, I so badly have not wanted to write this post, thus the reason for the radio silence for the last few weeks. We were in Chicago visiting my family for Christmas and although I missed my P terribly, it was nice to catch up with all the family (all 60+ of us). Christmas morning was great too- husband gave the greatest gift of all!











Came with all the fittings- helmet mount, chest mount, different casings, extra battery, SD card, etc. I wanted to leave for home that day to try it on.


We got home last Tuesday night and the next morning I decided to go to crossfit and then to the barn to try out the new toy. We did the strength portion first and I was able to hit a 3 rep max front squat at 125# which was AWESOME, and then did the first WOD (workout of the day) which consisted of rowing, box jumps and sit ups. The 2nd WOD was running back and forth across the box and then burpees. So I take off jogging and am about to turn at the wall to jog back and BAM, never saw the water until I was falling in it. I heard a loud crack and just knew my ankle was broken.


Off to Urgent Care I go, where it’s confirmed. Luckily no surgery is necessary, but that’s about the only good news. I’m in a splint until next Thursday, then I’ll get re-x-rayed and find out more then. I saw two doctors that day- one at regular Urgent Care and then another later that night at the Ortho Urgent Care, and who will be doing my follow up care. The first doctor put it in a splint and told me to go to Ortho to get a walking boot since the break is stabilized, and I’d be good to in 6 weeks, but when I went to the Ortho, they put me back in a splint (that was a bit more substantial) and said in two weeks, which will be next Thursday, I’ll get a fiberglass cast for 6 weeks and then a walking boot for 6 weeks. IZ HAZ THE SADZ.


When I found out from the first doctor that I had to be off it for 6 weeks, I was upset, but that was doable. When I found out from Ortho that it would be more like 14 weeks, that’s when I broke down and cried for the first time. And boy did I cry.

2Not only that, but I was freaking out about P. He’s a horse that needs a 6/week training schedule to stay sane. I was having issues because the barn where he’s at hadn’t turned him out in nearly the whole time I was in Chicago, which I had no idea about until I got home. Apparently it rained the whole time and they don’t turn out during those times. Even though that’s different than what I was told when I looked at the place, I hadn’t complained because 1) I didn’t think there was anything they could do about it since P can’t be out by himself and they wouldn’t put their own horses out, and 2) this place is so close to my house I just make sure I give him a good workout in our ride and then turn him out in the indoor and hang out. But now my only way to exercise him was gone.

So I messaged the owner and told her my concerns and it’s been decided that he’ll go out daily with one of their older, calm school horses no matter the weather (except t-storms, which is fine), which was a huge relief at first. My friend Eileen is able to ride depending on her work schedule, so she’s coming out as much as possible, but P has been getting more and more miserable. The BO texted me today to tell me P has kicked out 4 of the pasture boards this week, which, before coming to this farm, he’s never touched a fence. I’m kind of at a loss for what to do.

Hmmmph, so that’s been the last couple of weeks. I was so excited for this upcoming show season, which was supposed to start in 2 weeks for us, not to mention an eventing clinic with Clayton Fredericks next weekend, and it’s looking like we won’t get to it until April or May. Probably too late to qualify for AECs this year, but we’ll see. At least they’ll be in Tryon again either 2017 or 2018, so I’ll have another shot.

Wish me luck on Thursday that everything is healing as needed!


6 thoughts on “Still in denial…”

  1. omg noooooooooooooooooooooo!!!! oh no, i am sooo sorry girl! i am just now recovered from my broken ankle (done at the end of october) and i seriously wouldn’t wish it on anyone. that said tho – my horse is proving to me that the vacay did her *worlds* of good (she is LOOSE in all the right places, but retained every single ounce of schooling), and my muscle memory coming back into work is proving true. neither of us forgot a thing. it’s simply a matter of balancing fitness. i hope you heal without complication and bounce back quickly!

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  2. Oh no!!! Though don’t be to sad about the AEC’s for this year- we’re a bit unsure if they’ve even started on the xc course yet… so it might be in CO this year? Or even if it is here the xc might be a little interesting? So the AEC’s will probably be MUCH better the next year they’re at TIEC 😀
    Heal quickly and I hope P gets back to his happy self soon! (Though maybe talk to your vet about ulcers? It only takes 3 days to create an ulcer and if he was kept in a stall your entire Chicago trip it might of triggered one? You talking about his attitude change made me think of ulcers as a possibility. Mobile Large Animal Vet use to have free scoping clinics sponsored by Ulcerguard and that’s where I found out my guy had grade 2 ulcers- I love Dr Mary and even if they aren’t your primary vet it’s good to know a couple in case of emergency!)

    Hoping you guys are back on your feet sooner than the dr thinks!!!!

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