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In Which My Back is Bipolar and I May Never Jump Again

It’s rained the past 4 days straight so into the indoor we went yesterday. I started back at crossfit on Monday, and just have been doing light stuff and not pushing it too hard. It feels better when I move around and stiffens like crazy if I’m immobile for awhile. Like right now. I’m proctoring an exam…a freaking SIX HOUR exam. Walking to the train after this should be interesting.


So last night I finally rode, which I knew was going to be interesting since P has been stuck inside since Monday. Yes people, back issues + wild, young OTTB? I have no regard for my own body.


You know it’s going to be interesting when your food-obsessed pony leaves his hay to stand super quietly while you tack him up. I was a bit taken aback and not positive how to take that. Usually I have to rip his face out of his hay net to bridle him….


So we headed to the indoor with the intent to work on “straightness” which we did…when we weren’t leaping in the air because OMG THAT BRANCH SCRAPED THE SIDE OF THE ARENA FOR THE MILLIONTH TIME!!! Or OMG THERE’S A PERSON WALKING BY!!!! Or OMG THERE’S ANOTHER HORSE COMING IN!!!! Or, and this was my favorite, OMG THAT SAND TOUCHED THE WALL AND MADE A NOISE!!!

Other than that? Really straight.

When P is really working, he’s bombproof   But when we drill something, his little evil mind starts to wander. We really didn’t have anything to do in there but go in circles. I tried to switch it up to include spiral in/out, leg yields and transitions, but at the end of the day, it’s still circles.


So last night I searched for some grids to set up in small spaces and found some that would be good for the smaller outdoor arena and a pole set up that would be doable for the indoor. In the indoor there are currently only 3 poles and one pair of small standards, so not a lot to work with. The majority of the jumps right now are piled outside of the small outdoor, so I could easily set most of these up.

For the indoor:


For the outdoor:





I haven’t jumped P since the disaster of a CT and then the redeeming XC clinic last month. That was about 3 weeks ago. Today is the first day it’s been sunny, and the forecast claims it will be so until Monday, so hopefully that streak will end.

Oh, wait. My homework is to go straight. Well, grids fulfill that purpose, right?

Speaking of homework, I’m hoping to get in another lesson with new trainer before we leave for Chicago. I’m frantically using up vacation days because otherwise I’ll lose them at the end of the year, so I have a 4 day weekend coming up next weekend. If I can ride on a regular basis this week and next, it would be nice to get over there before leaving P to his own devices for 10 days.


No riding today since husband is getting a new car. When we got the truck, I “gifted” him with the Santa Fe that I was driving, and it was in perfect condition. Now it’s got a dented rear bumper, a hole in the front bumper, the interior is torn to shreds, the sunroof is leaking and it’s all scratched up. He sure knows how to take care of his things.

Tomorrow shall be grid day!



4 thoughts on “In Which My Back is Bipolar and I May Never Jump Again”

  1. i hope your back feels better soon 😦 another indoor grid type exercise (for when you are allowed to do stuff other than go straight again) is to set up four jumps in the shape of an X in the center of the ring such that the jumps are on taken on a diagonal – and maybe add another jump/cavaletti on each short end of the arena – then you have practically unlimited options for cycling through them all


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