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No riding for a week…sure let’s lesson!


Since hurting my back last Saturday and having to cancel…twice…with potential new dressage trainer, I have seen P exactly once and have not ridden since last Friday. I ended up heading to Urgent Care on Tuesday in the middle of the work day because I just could not stand up or walk. And I was taking Oxycodone or Vicodin and muscle relaxers, so one would think the pain would’ve been somewhat lessened. No dice. All the dr really could do was prescribe more pain meds/relaxers and tell me to rest, so I headed home after that and stayed in bed until Thursday morning.

Thanksgiving was a lot of fun- we headed to my aunt and uncle’s, where another aunt/uncle + 3 cousins were also visiting from VA. Much turkey was eaten. And SO much pie. So much.


I spent the morning in bed on the iPad buying lots of stuff. Every other year or so I take advantage of the ONLINE Black Friday sales to restock my work wardrobe. I also took advantage of Riding Warehouse’s 20% off to grab a Thinline Ultra Sheepskin Trifecta Half Pad and also 2 C4 belts later on (luckily I signed into FB at 3:15, right as they announced the 2 hour 50% off flash sale). Then Matt and the kids and I piled in the car for our annual Christmas ornament hunt. There were still some black Friday sales going on, but luckily had mostly died down. After that, it was time to head out to see my probably-feral pony.

Even though he’s been turned out daily, he was such a wild man that I got off fairly quickly in favor of lunging. He had a few moments of insanity, but we worked on walk-trot transitions and moved around the arena based on where he was spooking at the most. He was absolutely terrified that my little family sitting behind the rail was going to just eat him…even though he sees them all the time. After we worked both directions, I hopped back on to do some walk-canter transitions and then called it a day. Dismounting both times made my back ache, no matter how soft I tried to land, so tomorrow should be interesting.

Aunt/Uncle + 5 cousins + VA Aunt/Uncle + 3 cousins are coming over to our house in the AM for brunch (which Matt will be providing, I’ve already been told I’m not allowed in the kitchen) and then I’ve got to head out to the barn around 1:15 to groom and load P by 2. It’s a 40 minute drive and our lesson is at 3- I’m so nervous! Here’s hoping my back doesn’t act up and that P remains somewhat tired from his exercise today!


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