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New Fly Bonnet! Plus Competition Plans/Non-Plans

I’ve been out of commission for a few days thanks to my back. I spent Saturday and Sunday in bed on a heating pad, sulking about missing my lesson with potential new dressage trainer, but went to work today, then out to the barn to see my pony and try on his new fly bonnet.

This was custom made by the wonderful owner of If the Bonnet Fits. If you’re in the market, I highly recommend her. I first contacted her back in July after her business page came across my FB page as a recommended page. She was really backed up with orders, plus I wanted a color that she didn’t have, so she ordered it and then contacted me a few weeks ago to see if I was still interested. Uh, yeah!! So we went back and forth with different yarn colors and piping options before settling on the perfect shade of turquoise (ah, xc colors, love ’em). It arrived Friday night, but of course I didn’t make it out to the barn until tonight thanks to my back, but it was worth the wait…P looks awesome!










Her prices are incredibly reasonable for such a custom piece. I paid $58 for this beauty and I could pick from endless colors, piping options, beading, etc. It’s also mercerized cotton, which is what I was looking for. I love the design and how it lays flat, because my only other fly bonnet, a hand-me-down OTTB bonnet, has started to curl up on the edges. With this design, I don’t think that will happen again.


Pilgrim wasn’t too cooperative as a model, so here are the close up pictures that she sent to me before shipping it out.




Bonnets start at $35, depending on if you want cording, piping, beading, and then ear embroidery is $10. She makes the standard mini, pony, cob, horse,  and warmblood sizes, but also can do completely custom from your horse’s measurements. I will definitely be ordering from her again.

On another note, I’m thinking that our competition season is over, which is a bummer. I had planned on going back to Full Gallop Farm for their last schooling HT on December 6th, but I don’t think I can swing that now. I learned my lesson about not staying overnight, but we have our crossfit Christmas party the night of the 5th, so wouldn’t be able to go up the night before. There’s a jumper/CT show on the 5th that’s only an hour away, but I really wanted to get to another HT before the year ends. I so badly want to qualify for AECs next year so was planning on hitting the ground running (jumping? dressaging?) in January at recognized events.

Instead of showing, I may go xc schooling on Saturday and then lesson with potential new dressage trainer on Sunday. Then maybe go to the CT/jumper show the following Saturday. They are advertising for xc schooling as well, so I could go jump a few rounds and then go out on xc. And then train like crazy until the first recognized HT in Aiken at the end of January. I’m bound and determined to be showing BN next year.


Now I just need my back to shape up and get with the program.

2 thoughts on “New Fly Bonnet! Plus Competition Plans/Non-Plans”

  1. that bonnet looks amazing! and you guys are totally gonna get there – probably sooner than you think, actually. hopefully you can get in lots of awesome miles and experience in the next couple months tho!


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