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Blog Hop: Non Equestrian Activities

Do It Yourself Horse Ownership created a Blog Hop to share what readers do outside of horses. I THOUGHT I’d be writing a recap of today’s scheduled lesson with potential new dressage trainer, but NOOOOO, I had to tweak my back this AM at crossfit. Lesson is tentatively scheduled for tomorrow, but ugh, so much ugh.

So here goes.

  1. Crossfit

Despite my little incident this morning, I absolutely LOVE crossfit. I started January 2013, right after we moved here from Camp Lejeune and it is the first exercise regiment I’ve actually stuck with. I go 5-6x/week and feel strange when I miss a day. The community that makes up our box is so diverse and welcoming and truly feels like a family. My three very best friends here I met at CF, and I truly can’t imagine life without it. I’ve got some funky issues, like a fractured hip and a back injury from my accident, and through CF and careful coaching, I’ve been able to strengthen both. There’s a huge emphasis on weightlifting, which I’ve never done before. In HS I couldn’t bench press the bar…now I look forward to days where I get to lift heavy weights. It’s helped a ton with riding- I actually have core strength now….remembering to USE it is a different story, though.


















2. Reading

I started reading really early at age 4, and haven’t stopped since. I average about 10 books/month and rarely read the same book twice. I love suspense novels- Mary Higgins Clark, James Patterson, David Baldacci and John Grisham are my favorite authors. And anything by Sophie Kinsella- the Shopaholic series are books I tend to re-read every year just because they’re so damn funny.

The house we bought in May of this year is huge (which is a con for me) and has a formal living room in addition to a family room. When we were trying to decide what to do with all the extra rooms, I immediately called the formal living room as a library. I’ve ALWAYS wanted a library…ever since I saw Beauty & the Beast. So we’ve slowly started the renovations. Matt put the floors down and the plan is to add French doors to both doorways (one to the front hall and the other to the dining room) and then have the one wall lined with bookshelves (and probably a sliding ladder so I can live out my Beauty & the Beast fantasy)

This is exactly what I’ll do
Finito! View from front hall


View from dining room
View from dining room
Matt had this drawing done of Pilgrim
Matt had this drawing done of Pilgrim

This is exactly what I want…if I had an extra few grand laying around.

italian-chestnut-extra-large-library-bookcase-ladder-photo-bookcase-ladder3. Hiking

One cool thing about living in the part of NC we do is the proximity to mountains. I absolutely love hiking and exploring the woods. I grew up next to a forest preserve and so was always in there climbing trees, running around, shooting BB guns, splashing in creeks, etc.

















Since Noah’s arrival, mountainous adventures have been a bit more difficult, but he’s getting older so it’ll soon be time get back up there!

4. Adventure time

Husband is quite a bit less cautious than I am (don’t want to hurt myself and not be able to ride!), but we love to go find new things to do, outside stuff is best. We live about 40 minutes from the National White Water Center and LOVE going there. They have adventure rope courses, rock climbing, white water rafting, kayaking, etc.









5. Family time.

I’ve got a crazy little family- Justin is 7 and Noah is 2. It’s never dull in my house, there’s always one them swinging a sword, throwing a ball or pretending to shoot “bad guys.” Besides long car rides, I love hanging out with them.

10985436_10206464562272798_3828019557441650030_nSo that’s about it! I wish I had time to do more, but there are not enough hours in the year. My typical weekday consists of getting Justin up and to the bus, then heading to work around 8 AM, leaving work at 4 and going straight to the barn to ride from 4:30-6, meeting Matt at crossfit for the 6:30 class, getting home at 7:45, then dinner/family stuff until the kids go to bed at 9:30. Then into bed myself to catch up with the husband and to read until sleep at 11. It’s hectic but I love my busy life.


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