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1st Blog Hop! Top 5 Horse Show Essentials

I’ve never participated in one of these before (duh, this entire blog is brand new), but it looked like fun and I’m low on new media. I wish my ride tonight could’ve been caught on tape…P would be going around super nice and then BAM! Rodeo pony…sort of. P still isn’t sure how to actually buck. He’ll yank his head down, but his hind end doesn’t go up, so he’ll give up and just throw his head up and scoot forward, bouncing up and down. It’s not fun to ride, and he repeated the behavior four different times- the trainer was giving a lesson and had to tell one of the younger girls not to go near P because her pony was already acting up. Bad pony P! 

P and I have been showing since February, but only started eventing in September. When I evented pre-injury, I was a poor college/working student so basically had zero disposable income. Now my husband will argue that I’ve purchased half of SmartPak, Dover and Riding Warehouse. Making up for lost time there, buddy. Sorry. 

1. My trailer’s awning

Seriously, this thing is awesome. We’ve owned the trailer for 4 years and only just pulled this thing out in Aiken because it was super windy and we wanted somewhere for the kids to hang out. It will now come out at ALL THE SHOWS. Even Pilgrim wanted to be under it and kept inching himself underneath. We set up chairs, a little table and had the cooler there with drinks- it was a nice place to relax between phases.

2. Mango Bay Belt in teal

I wear this belt in all 3 phases. It’s just a little bit of color for dressage and then matches our jumper/xc gear perfectly. These belts are amazing (I only have 2, but will be adding) because they lay flat and don’t budge. And you can’t beat the price! There are a ton of colors and designs and I want every single one of them. 

3. Stanley Rolling Workshop

This is always packed with show stuff because I’m notorious for forgetting small stuff if I keep it in my regular tack trunk. It’s filled with braiding tools, my medical arm band & pinny, P’s fly bonnet, my show gloves, my xc watch, travel bottles of tack cleaner, show sheen, etc, band-aids, hand sanitizer, safety pins, small clippers, duct tape and lots of d-rings and double ended snaps. It’s easy to maneuver around (like a rolling suitcase), doesn’t take up a lot of room and tall enough to use while braiding. 

4. Roeckl Chester Gloves

I’m one of those rare people that hates riding in gloves, even in the winter. I don’t know why, I’ve always been like that. But when I started showing in dressage with P early this year, I had to suck it up.  These gloves are awesome. I have them in both in black and white, but I haven’t used the white yet. They’re lightweight and have awesome grip. And are touch screen compatible! I still don’t wear gloves for every day riding, so I can’t speak to how well they last, but these will always travel with me to shows. 
Plus they make P look like the cutest moose ever. 

5. SmartPak Small Hole Haynet

Pilgrim resembles a Hoover when there’s any sort of food in front of him, especially hay. Due to the terrible weather, he’s been cooped up inside and he would suck up his hay within an hour. The barn I’m at gives tons of hay, but he just downs it too quickly and then goes without eating for longer periods of time. When I took him to Tryon a few weeks ago, same thing, so I quickly brought out the hay net that was in my trailer and viola! His hay lasts a lot longer. So this will go with me to shows as well as stay in his stall to keep that gut working as much as possible. It’s been about 3 weeks and the barn staff have said he has hay in front of him a lot longer and there’s a lot less wasted. Everyone wins!


2 thoughts on “1st Blog Hop! Top 5 Horse Show Essentials”

  1. omg yessss that awning is awesome!! i don’t have one but have seriously looked into those little pop up tents but ugh why are they so expensive?!? also, i love that stanley rolling cart and may or may not be adding it to my christmas list haha


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