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Not Funny Anymore

Seriously rain. I know we all ceased to believe that you existed this past spring and summer. We were concerned about hay, pastures and the threat of fire…but this is just taking it too far. We get it, you’re real. 

Yesterday I headed to the barn to see my P and to start him on ranitidine. For the last few days he’s been pinning his ears when I put the saddle pads on, then again when I put the saddle on, then again when I girth him up. He’s also been that way when I groom him anywhere near his belly. Then I’ll go to get on him and he’s fine. He’s perfectly content to walk, but when I ask him for the trot, he’s very reluctant and eager to stop. If a 5 year old OTTB is THAT “calm” after being in a stall for a week, then there’s an issue. Naturally, I thought saddle fit and immediately despaired. I have 3 saddles in my garage waiting to go to the consignment shop and I’ve only had P for 1 1/2 years. I’ve spent upwards of $500 in shipping costs for trial saddles before finally finding a saddle that I alone was desperate enough to buy. 

Please. I can’t take anymore saddle fit issues.

But when I calmed down and put all his symptoms together, it sounds more like an ulcer thing. So I started him on a 10 day regiment of ranitidine. Fingers crossed that he shows some improvement. If not, then I’m supposing I’ll get the vet out to see if she can pinpoint the source of his grumpiness. Because P is NOT a grumpy horse by any means. So if he’s angry at saddle pads being gently placed upon his back? There’s something wrong. 

In the meantime, he still needed to get out of his stall. So I tacked him up (giving him a carrot piece before tightening the girth each hole to appease His Holiness). I decided to take him in the indoor since we haven’t gone in there since we first arrived, and set up some trot poles and brought along the side reins, since he’s never worked in those before. He was a bit spooky, but a perfect gentleman. I warmed him up w/t/c each direction for about 15 minutes then attached the side reins on the longest setting. This confused him a bit and he was shaking his head when I asked him to trot, but he seemed to get the concept fairly quickly going to the left. We did some w/t transitions then switched sides. He’s worse to the right, so he never fully engaged, but he was trying and that’s all I want. I tried to get pictures, but as soon as I would drop the lunge whip, he’d try to slow. Sneaky guy. 

Then I untacked him and stuck him in the outdoor arena to be free. He looked at me and then dropped like he was on fire. And rolled. And rolled. The joys of owning a grey in bad weather. 

And then my kids followed suit. 

So first a bath for the horse. Thanks husband.  

Then some  grooming.

So P is getting today off because it’s been raining steadily all day and I just can’t deal so I’m going to crossfit. It’s supposed to rain until about 7 AM tomorrow, then the sun may just make an appearance.

I sincerely hope so because I entered in the BN CT on Saturday and then also in the xc clinic on Sunday, so we’ve got our work cut out for us this week. I plan on riding tomorrow and Wednesday but then won’t be able to Thursday due to a familial obligation. Lesson time Friday night with trainer PW and then show day Saturday! Although honestly, I think I’m more excited for the xc clinic on Sunday. So it’s not a HT,  but at least over the course of the weekend I’ll be able to participate in all 3 phases!


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