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Lesson Recap and Where I Can’t Have Nice Things

1  Oh Pilgrim. But we’ll get to that in a  minute.

So Friday night, I got to the barn around 4:30 with a plan to leave around 5:15. I started hooking up the trailer, which I’ve done a zillion times and one of the latches got stuck. So I hopped in the bed to see what was up and my finger got stuck. I had this crazy vision of my finger flying off if the trailer moved so I yanked…and this happened:

12Ya, I didn’t need the band to my engagement ring. Can’t lie- I freaked out. I kept trying to bend it back like it would then magically weld itself back together. When that for some odd reason didn’t work, I did what I always do when I royally screw up: called the husband.

Unfortunately, he was stuck in major traffic due to an accident while he was on the way to the barn so I had to meet him at the lesson barn (where I used to board). So I had to pull myself together and put my sad ring away for the time being.

Pilgrim is not the best tier in the world. He’s great cross-tied, but not when straight tied to a trailer. When I bought the trailer in 2011, it had 4 tie rings installed, 2 on each side. Jester, my last horse, methodically broke 3 of them until I stopped actually tying him. So I was ecstatic when P arrived and didn’t seem to have issues. Then earlier this year, I hauled a friend to a show and took P along for the excursion and was in my dressing room while he was tied to my last remaining tie ring. My friend took her horse down to the arena and P was sure he was on his own (since he couldn’t see me either) so he pulled back…and snap. Goodbye old friend. I tried to preserve you. I bought these and hang from the hinges on the trailer to hold his hay net when we’re at shows and to semi-tie him, and they do the job just fine.


So all that just to lead into the fact that I tacked P up before loading him. I’ve never done that before, but I didn’t want to deal with him dancing around while I tried to tack him up, but I was a bit concerned for my saddle. It’s a CWD and the only way I was able to score one in my price range was to get one with a hole worn into the pommel. I don’t need it banged around. But we were only going about 10 minutes to the old barn, and saddle was in fine shape when we arrived.

Before I unloaded P, I put on his bridle which took forever because he was super confused why we were back at the old barn and couldn’t stop whipping his head around.

Finally we were tacked up, I hopped on and we had about 10 minutes before our lesson. It was a bit awkward, but good to see most of the people there. Then it was time to get to work.

I told trainer PW that I officially entered in the schooling HT on the 18th (yes, I did it!) so we made a plan to go xc schooling on Tuesday. In the meantime, she ran and grabbed a blue tarp and laid it out in the arena to see what P would do. Pony P stepped right on over it and we trotted over it while tracking left 3x until there was no hesitation. So I went to track right and P stepped on it then leapt straight in the air. It was quite the athletic move on his part. So we went around and did it a few more times with no issue.

Then it was time to start jumping. PW pointed to the outside line which consisted of an x-rail and a small vertical and I rebutted with “well, how about the coop?” The solid jumps aren’t as scary even though I’ve had 2 notably terrible accidents on xc and none in stadium. Logic, who needs it?

We jumped the coop and it was our first time jumping since Hillcrest- nearly a month ago. So fun! I expected some fireworks, but Pony P was awesome. I had to be reminded to not jump for him, which is always really hard for me, but necessary.

So then we started putting together lines and there was a new jump in the arena- two pallets stained to look like a log and sitting upright under a vertical. Besides the coop it was the closest thing to an xc jump in the arena and knowing P’s issues with logs, we decided to try it, even though it was a bit bigger than what we’ve jumped before.

This happened the first time.


And this the second time:

5Video of both attempts below. My husband should be one of those sports announcers.

As soon as we started to take off, I knew it was coming down. So I pressed my right foot into his side as tightly as I could, but could feel my toe grab the standard. Luckily P wasn’t as freaked out as I expected.

So then we finally got it together and even though it was a bit sticky, made it down the entire line. And my husband turns Australian for a minute.


Then we put together a course, which P absolutely rocked, but of course I have no video of because at that point Matt was chasing Baby Noah away from the driveway and trying to find something to keep him occupied. Priorities, I suppose. Then we were done because my legs were shot from  crossfit that AM, but I had the sudden urge to end on the big pallet jump just as a reminder to P that jumping it was a good thing.

By then P was positive that he was done working and it took a couple minutes to convince him that cantering was possible. However, during those couple minutes, I got some nice trot work out of him:

7And then finally we cantered:

2And he was awesome. Even if I was hunching. Gah, shoulders back!

It was such a great lesson and I really needed the confidence boost before heading to Aiken in a week. Yesterday I worked on 2-point, but could only stay up for like 2 minutes because P was super lazy despite no turnout thanks to MORE rain. Due to said rain, we cancelled our trip to Sedgefield today so as soon as I hit publish, I’m heading out to ride.

My ring has been sent out to get repaired ($450- SO could’ve bought the PS of Sweden stuff!) and will be back on the 22nd. I’m just glad it’s able to be repaired and I don’t have to get a new one. He proposed in 2007 and I never want another ring.

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