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If I Won the Lottery…Even a Little Lottery…

One of my favorite books of all time is Confessions of a Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella. I read it years ago and re-read it at least once a year because it’s just so darn good. I can’t relate at all when it comes to normal shopping…no way. I try to do all my regular clothes shopping online and then make my husband return whatever doesn’t fit because heaven forbid I have to go into a store.

cra7iBut when it comes to shopping for horse stuff I turn into a different person. I chat with the store workers, strike up random conversations with other shoppers and can spend hours in there agonizing over which shade of saddle pad to get. Saddle pads are a weakness of mine so that’s actually not exaggerated at all.

875eb827343e007109b092da808c6ec9My husband doesn’t even ask when he sees the following three things in the mail: (1) Packages from SmartPak, (2) Packages from Riding Warehouse, (3) Vet bills

He just puts whatever came on the end table and when I get home, points rather dejectedly in the general direction. 101687-I-dont-know-girl-meme-husband-PcnL

Yet it didn’t surprise him in the slightest when, during his birthday dinner on Wednesday (and the only night in a loooong time we’ve been out without the kids), I spent the majority of the time talking about horses. In my defense, I did say that we could talk about something else. We just didn’t. asgaas

So even though my birthday was in July, our anniversary was in May, Pilgrim’s birthday (yes, that is a holiday deemed worthy of presents) was in April, and Valentine’s Day was in February, there’s still Christmas to look forward to, so I needed to give him the lowdown on what specifically to surprise me with.

untitledIn his defense, he always gets me killer presents that I don’t ask for. And he’s learned over the years that he can go no wrong with anything horse-related. Poor man. See my first post for how horse-savvy this guy was when I started “re-riding” in 2010. He’s come a long way.

So since we’re Super Eventers now (can you even say that if you got eliminated at your first one together? Well, I am.), I needz new stuff. Actually, I don’t, but let’s tell husbers that I do.

First on my list is this gorgeous PS of Sweden breastplate. Um, yes. Just yes. Matt got me the Nunn Finer one which didn’t fit P so I sent it back and while I was searching, I came across this beauty.


And while we’re at it, throw this in as well.


And this, naturally, since turquoise is our xc color. It’s meant to be.

26178457-origpic-bb8fb7_jpg_0_0_100_100_510_340_100I’ve put the three items in the cart more times than I care to admit and was so close to hitting the purchase button, but I just can’t justify $456 (price with VAT excluded) for things I don’t actually need. P’s saddle fits just fine, so there’s no real need for a breastplate and I have 2 perfectly good jump bridles, even if they don’t have turquoise beads. But still. I want.

I want dis:

the-optimum-time-eventing-watch-blueMatt’s response to the $100 stop watch was to pull up a $10 stopwatch and say he’ll duct tape it to my wrist with turquoise tape. Hmmmm.

And matching C4 belts– one to use as a neckstrap (really for decoration) and one for me. Turquoise belt with a black buckle, please.


While we’re pretending to be rich, let’s throw in some Ogilvy:

The Ogilvy Eventing Friction Free pad would suffice. In black with turquoise piping.


As would the Ogilvy Jump Memory Half Pad. Same colors of course.

1695-bodyCustomized just like these (but without the embroidery):


So altogether, that comes to about $960. Let me just check my couch cushions.


I DID just get an email from Riding Warehouse that my boots will finally be shipped! I ordered the Majyk Equipe Series Two Open Front Boots in white back in September. The hind boots came fairly quickly, but then I got notification that the company was changing the technology in the fronts and wouldn’t be available until end of September. Then at the end of September, I received another email that they wouldn’t get to Riding Warehouse until the first week of October. So I’ve been just waiting patiently (they’re going to be show boots anyhow), but last night my phone rings and it’s Riding Warehouse, telling me that it’s going to be even longer now because the company that makes Majyk Equipe is totally redesigning the boot. The representative was great and offered to price match the Professional’s Choice Open Fronts if I wanted those, since they are identical to the Majyk Equipe ones except for, of course, the brand (which I’ll probably cover up with turquoise duct tape anyway. Because turquoise.). So those beauties are being shipped to me and will arrive on the 14th, just in time to get P used to them and head to the Full Gallop HT!

So these are the Majyk Equipe hinds that have been sitting in my tack trunk for over a month…lonely lil’ guys.


And these are the Professional’s Choice fronts come to be their BFF!


P is going to look just fabulous.

fabulous-horse-is-fabulous_o_1326911On a riding-wise note, P got Wednesday off because I had to do some awesome wifing for my husband’s birthday (no kids, hibachi dinner, adventure time at a new date spot AND sideline Carolina Panthers tickets? Yeah, I rock). I rode last night and he was super fun. He’s been turned out pretty much 24/7 the last few days so that always helps our rides. But I also noticed that while he was super bendy and flexible tracking left, he was a lot stiffer going to the right. We have a lesson tonight, so shall dressage until the stiffness disappears, AKA, I ride correctly. I have a tendency to have a death grip with just my right hand (no matter the direction) and to collapse my right shoulder so it’s hard for P to get himself together under my flailing self. He’s a saint. Well, not really, he’ll actually take off if he feels I’m being unfair to him. But hopefully we’ll also JUMP! When I arrived yesterday, they had dragged the jump arena, but still wanted to drag it one more time before letting the horses on it.

I think husband may be coming along as well, in which case I can actually get riding media. I don’t have any of that since Hillcrest because of all the rain and my kids + lots of mud = no fun for husband.

4 thoughts on “If I Won the Lottery…Even a Little Lottery…”

  1. I LOVE ALL BOOKS written by Sophia Kinsella!!! Have read Can You Keep a Secret and Remember Me more than once 🙂 I haven’t retread the shopaholic booksonly because I would find out there was another book in the series and read that instead of rereading the previous one 😉


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