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2ptober + Future Plans + Miscellaneous Thoughts

I started this blog (and promptly ignored it) almost a year ago, but didn’t even make it public until last month. For me, writing things down helps to keep me focused. It wasn’t until I wrote down the year’s show recaps that I realized how far P and I have come together. My confidence has grown immensely, even though I may not feel like it on a day to day basis.


Writing and then subsequently reading that post has made me want to write more because it truly does help, but making the blog public was a bit scary because letting people in is hard for me. I’ve begun reading other horse-related blogs a lot (nighttime reading, hello) and have realized that I’m not the only one who thinks conquering a 2′ jump is something to celebrate- it is! So I went a step further and signed up for an event called 2ptober that two bloggers are hosting. The jist is you set a baseline for how long you can stay in 2 point and then track your progress weekly to see your improvements. There are some wonderful sponsors of the event and I’ve found quite a few new blogs to follow! Winning all around. Except at two point. That mess barely lasted 3:47 and was super painful. I do Crossfit 4-5x/week so I really thought I was used to muscle pain. Alas…


So I’ll be practicing daily.

As far as showing goes, I cancelled my plans for Carolina Horse Park this coming weekend. Due to the daily monsoons we received here in NC for 10+ days, there was no way I could get him out xc schooling. The entry fee + stabling + hotel would not be worth it just to get eliminated because dainty P doesn’t want to get his feet wet.

untitledAlthough when I turned him out in the arena for some exercise, this happened. Jerk.


I’ve got a lesson with trainer PW tomorrow, and will hopefully plan an outing to a nearby xc course in the next week. If not, I’ll be heading there alone. I was planning on going to Sedgefield with some girls from the barn to school on Sunday, but it may turn into a solo xc outing. Because I was perusing Facebook last night and came across a post by Full Gallop Farm in Aiken that announced they were hosting a schooling HT on October 18th, and even specified that in the event of elimination, competitors can finish xc as long as they’re deemed to be safe. So even if we had a repeat of Hillcrest, we could still finish and get some schooling in. I’d pay for that.

But that’s not the goal. Goal is to finish on a NUMBER. So we’ll be doing the Tadpole division, all 2’3″ of it, but at least the dressage is BN A, not Intro C!

I’ve never been to Full Gallop before, so have been YouTube stalking it. They’re also hosting a Buck Davidson clinic on November 14-15, which sadly I can’t attend because I promised my husband we’d run the Spartan race in SC on November 15th. If funds allow, I’m going to try to attend the Stephen Bradley clinic on November 21-22, because I’ve heard some great things about him and his teaching style. I figure we’ll have two horse trials under our belt so it’s a good time to get some specific instruction on where we’re having issues. Then I plan on returning again for their December 6th schooling HT. And I REALLY want to attend the Lucinda Green clinic in January. I should just move to Aiken already! Since I’ll be getting a late start competing in the AEC qualifying events, my early 2016 schedule has us in Aiken almost every other weekend from February-April.

I’m heading to the barn after work today and, fingers crossed, I think the jump arena will be open tonight. The wonderful new barn that I’m at has 3 main areas to ride in: one small indoor arena that definitely came in handy these last two weeks, one small-ish schooling arena that has the best footing ever and drains almost right away, and one newer and bigger arena where the majority of the jumps are. Because it’s new, it needs TLC after it rains so I haven’t had a chance to ride in it yet. I haven’t jumped P since Hillcrest almost a month ago, and I’m having withdrawals.

Ah, memories:



4 thoughts on “2ptober + Future Plans + Miscellaneous Thoughts”

  1. lol @ that gif of your horse playing in the puddles. exciting about all the upcoming potential schoolings and events! i love venues that are really amenable to letting riders continue to school after an elimination – tho fingers crossed Pilgrim will take the course by storm!

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