Product reviews of my Christmas goodies!

I’ve hinted towards it in both my posts thus far- my husband is the best. From going to leading a very non-horsey life to getting thrown headfirst into it, he’s taken it like a champ. He doesn’t bother with going to jewelry stores or buying flowers and chocolates- he heads straight to the local tack store or to (my always updated) SmartPak wishlist for all sorts of occasions- anniversaries, V-Day, birthdays, Christmas, and lots of other days in between.

For Christmas this year, I was gifted new Premier Equine XC boots (fronts and hinds!), Roeckl Chester gloves and Super Comfort Iron Pads for my dressage saddle. So I’m going to do a little blurb on each.

Pilgrim has worn the XC boots 3x now and I love them. He’s 16.1 and wears the medium fronts and small back. Based on a lot of the reviews, it seems the hinds are made much larger so go for a smaller size than what the sizing chart tells you. It’s been rain central here so we headed over to some large puddles and these puppies have stayed on with no problems. They also haven’t given him rubs and he’s worn them for an hour and through nasty wet arena sand and grass. Super easy to clean also- just hose them off and they look great. I almost wish I had requested the white ones because they’re so easy to clean. Pilgrim looks so grown up in them.

Ignore the tags, had to try them on first!
Ignore the tags, had to try them on first!
Deep puddle
Deep puddle










I’m excited to give them a proper test run on a real course, but that definitely won’t happen until this ground dries up quite a bit more.

Next, husbers gave me Roeckl Chester gloves in black. I typically HATE wearing riding gloves because I feel like I lose a lot of feeling in the reins. I would wear them in shows and as soon as my class was over, the gloves would come off. Apparently I’m wearing the wrong gloves because I rode in these today and they felt great. No slipping but they didn’t stick either, which is important when you’re riding a sensitive 4 year old!


Last but not least, are the Super Comfort Iron Pads. I’ve had a pair of these for the last 6 months, but it was getting really annoying moving my stirrup irons back and forth in between my jump and dressage saddles so I’m really excited to be able to put these on my dressage irons and not have to do anymore switching. I can definitely tell a difference when I use these stirrup pads. I had the plain rubber ones on my dressage irons and my feet were always slipping. When I ride in these, my foot magically stays in place. I know part of that is my heel coming up, but I’m not perfect and these make me feel more secure on my sometimes squirrely baby TB. The one downside is that they can scuff your saddle or leathers if you’re not careful. But I’ve had these on my jump saddle for 6 months and on and off my dressage saddle and so far so good!

Super comfort

Ahhh, love my husband!

2 thoughts on “Product reviews of my Christmas goodies!”

  1. Sooooooo you wrote this post a couple years ago and it’s showing up on my feed as being posted 5 hours ago??? I was a bit confused bc you’ve talked about your husband for more than 2 posts, I thought you had majike equip Xc boots and Pilgrim’s not a squirrelly 4 year old anymore 😂


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